Daily Grind: It's the WPTDeepStacks Marathon on 888poker Today!

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You have the WPTDeepStacks on 888poker as well as the conclusions to the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) on PokerStars, the partypoker Powerfest and of course the $150M GTD GG Spring Festival on GGPoker.

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The 888poker WPTDeepStacks Continues

It's the Marathon today on 888poker as part of the WPTDeepStacks festival. With 12 minute levels and up to three rebuys allowed, there's plenty of time for players to join and take advantage of four hours of late registration.

The $525 Marathon will be live-reported on PokerNews so head to the 888poker Live Reporting Hub.

DateTime (BST)EventGuarantee
April 22nd18:00WPT DS #9: $525 DS Marathon$100,000
 18:00WPT DS #10: $55 Half Marathon$50,000
 18:30WPT DS #16: $1,050 Event Day 1$1,000,000

Bold denotes events Live Reported on PokerNews

partypoker Powerfest

It's almost the weekend. Well, it's Thursday, but that doesn't mean you can't Warm Up for the weekend with the Powerfest on partypoker. Three different buy-ins of Warm Up are available, as well as two High Rollers - $5,200 and $1,050.

DateTime (BST)EventGuarantee
April 22nd19:05Powerfest #23: $5,200 High Roller$250,000
 19:05Powerfest #24: $530 Warm Up Day 1A$250,000
 19:05Powerfest #24: $55 Mini Warm Up Day 1A$100,000
 19:05Powerfest #24: $5.50 Micro Warm Up Day 1A$15,000
 20:05Powerfest #18: $55 The Big Fifty Knockout Day 1D$500,000
 21:05Powerfest #25: $1,050 High Roller$50,000

Another Packed Thursday SCOOP Schedule on PokerStars

Where to start! It's another Thursday SCOOP schedule on PokerStars filled with massive guarantees and exciting variants. From PLO8 and 8-Game to a whole bunch of NLHE tournaments, it's hard to know where to start!

DateTime (BST)EventGuarantee
April 22nd15:30SCOOP 80-H: $1,050 NLHE]$250,000
 15:30SCOOP 80-L: $11 NLHE]$80,000
 15:30SCOOP 80-M: $109 NLHE, $175K Gtd]$175,000
 17:05SCOOP 81-H: $2,100 PLO8 [6-Max]$200,000
 17:05SCOOP 81-L: $22 PLO8 [6-Max]$50,000
 17:05SCOOP 81-M: $215 PLO8 [6-Max]$100,000
 18:05SCOOP 82-H: $5,200 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, High Roller]$1,000,000
 18:05SCOOP 82-L: $55 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE]$500,000
 18:05SCOOP 82-M: $530 NLHE [8-Max, Progressive KO, Thursday Thrill SE]$1,000,000
 19:15SCOOP 83-H: $2,100 8-Game$150,000
 19:15SCOOP 83-L: $22 8-Game$30,000
 19:15SCOOP 83-M: $215 8-Game$60,000
 20:30SCOOP 84-H: $2,100 NLHE [6-Max]$300,000
 20:30SCOOP 84-L: $22 NLHE [6-Max]$85,000
 20:30SCOOP 84-M: $215 NLHE [6-Max]$200,000
 22:05SCOOP 85-H: $1,050 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO]$350,000
 22:05SCOOP 85-L: $11 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO]$100,000
 22:05SCOOP 85-M: $109 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo, Progressive KO]$200,000

Bold denotes events Live Reported on PokerNews

GG Spring Festival

All of the festivals are gearing up for a huge weekend ahead, and the GG Spring Festival on GGPoker is no exception. With nine bounty tournaments on the schedule for today, why not learn how to win more from bounty tournaments?

DateTime (BST)EventGuarantee
April 22nd14:05H-90: $1,050 6-Max$250,000
 14:05M-90: $125 6-Max$100,000
 14:05L-90: $25 6-Max$50,000
 16:05H-91: $5,250 PLO-NL Bounty$400,000
 16:05M-91: $525 PLO-NL Bounty$75,000
 16:05L-91: $52.50 PLO-NL Bounty$20,000
 18:05H-92: $10,300 Thursday Thriller [Bounty]$1,250,000
 18:05M-92: $1,050 Thursday Thriller [Bounty]$600,000
 18:05L-92: $105 Thursday Thriller [Bounty]$250,000
 19:05H-93: $25,500 Super High Rollers$2,500,000
 19:05M-93: $2,625 High Rollers$750,000
 19:05L-93: $250 Mini High Rollers$250,000
 21:05H-94: $1,050 Deepstack Bounty Turbo$100,000
 21:05M-94: $105 Deepstack Bounty Turbo$50,000
 21:05L-94: $10.50 Deepstack Bounty Turbo$20,000

Bold denotes events Live Reported on PokerNews

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