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More than $4.5M Guaranteed in the Latest MicroMillions

PokerStars MicroMillions

The latest edition of the popular MicroMillions series heads to PokerStars from July 15 and brings with it more than $4.5 million in combined guaranteed prize pools. Some 122 numbered events run from July 15 through July 27, each with buy-ins ranging from $1.10 up to $22.

There are two MicroMillions events with $1 million guarantees slapped on their prize pools despiet the buy-ins being at the more affordable end of the scale.

MicroMillions 36 shuffles up and deals at 7:00 p.m. BST on July 18. It is the $11 buy-in Sunday Storm 10th Anniversary event, which features a $1 million guarantee with at least $100,000 going to the eventual champion.

The two-day event sees everyone sit down with 10,000 chips and play to a 10-minute clock where the blinds start at 25/50/5a. Day 1 concludes after the 42nd level before resuming at 7:00 p.m. on July 19 with a 12-minute clock, and continuing until only one PokerStars player has all the chips in play in front of them.

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The other $1 million guaranteed MicroMillions tournament takes place a week later at 6:00 p.m. BST on July 25. MicroMillions 106 is the $22 buy-in 8-Max Main Event, the MicroMillions event every PokerStars player wants to win.

Like the Sunday Storm 10th Anniversary edition, the MicroMillions Main Event takes place over two days of intense action. You sit down with 10,000 chips and play to a 12-minute clock for the first 15 levels before blinds increase to 15-minutes thereafter. The curtain comes down on the first day's action after the completion of the 33rd level. Day 2 commences at 6:00 p.m. on July 26 and continues until a champion is crowned.

Satellites from only $1.10 are available for both the MicroMillions Sunday Storm and the MicroMillions Main Event.

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MicroMillions Spin & Go's Return

Those of you wanting to win your way into some of the larger buy-in MicroMillions events that is different to traditional satellites should head to the MicroMillions Spin & Go's games.

These come with buy-ins from as little as $1.10 yet awards MicroMillions tickets worth up to $22, or a massive $6,000 cash prize if you hit the biggest prize pool multiplier.

$6,000 cash1 in 1,000,000
$22 MicroMillions Main Event Entry5,500 in 1,000,000
$5.50 MicroMillions Ticket12,500 in 1,000,000
$3.30 MicroMillions Ticket75,000 in 1,000,000
$1.10 MicroMillions Ticket297,510 in 1,000,000
$1.00 cash609,489 in 1,000,000

PokerStars is also running a trio of MicroMillions Freerolls on July 14, July 17, and July 25 at 8:00 p.m. BST. These freerolls have $200,000 worth of MicroMillions tickets between them, check out PokerStars' Twitter and Twitch accounts for the all-important passwords.

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