Wynn Millions: Ari Engel Wins Monster Straight-Flush-Over-Straight-Flush Pot

Ari Engel

On Day 2ab of the $10,000 buy-in, $10 million GTD Wynn Millions, a memorable hand went down dubbed the "Wynn Millions Massacre" in which Alex Foxen brutally coolered Bryn Kenney. On Wednesday in one of the last hands of Day 3, another instant-classic hand played out when Ari Engel beat Andrew Heckman in a straight-flush-over-straight-flush pot.

In Leve Level 20 (10,000/15,000/15,000) with just minutes remaining on Day 3, 62 players remained when the hand went down. It began when Heckman opened under the gun for 40,000 and then called Engel's 105,000 three-bet from middle position.

The 34K flop saw Heckman check-call Engel's 95,000 continuation-bet and then do the same for 160,000 after the 5 fell on the turn.

Once the dealer completed the board with the 6 on the river, Heckman moved all in and was snap-called by Engel.

Heckman rolled over 22 for the six-high straight flush and thought he had won the hand until Engel rolled over A7 for the seven-high straight flush. Engel doubled to 1.65 million after the hand while Heckman was left with 30k. A few hands later, Heckman lost those chips and exited the tournament in 62nd place for $46,406.

Andrew Heckman
Andrew Heckman

Engel went on to bag 1.57 million, good enough for seventh in chips. On Thursday, he will return for Day 4 and continue his quest toward a $2,018,866 top prize. Among those standing in his way are chip leader Anthony Marquez (1,925,000), Maria Ho (1,735,000), and engaged couple Kristen Bicknell (745,000) and Alex Foxen (440,000).

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