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Third WCOOP Title for Vousden; "gnetaren" Wins Super Tuesday

Samuel Vousden

It was another action-packed evening over on PokerStars as the 2021 World Championship of Online Poker continued.

Samuel "€urop€an" Vousden joined the likes of Ami Barer, Mike Watson and Naoya Kihara in picking up their third WCOOP title this year, as Vousden triumphed in WCOOP 73-H: $1,050 NLHE. He now has three WCOOP titles ('16, '19 and '21) to go with his three SCOOP titles ('15, '17 and '21).

There was also a victory for Sweden's "gnetaren" in the $2,100 Super Tuesday, winning over $130,000.

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"gnetaren" Takes Down WCOOP-71-H: $2,100 NLHE ($134,908)

Sweden's "gnetaren" took down the WCOOP-71-H: $2,100 NLHE [8-Max, Super Tuesday SE], $650K Gtd on Wednesday as part of the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) for a first place prize of $134,908. In doing so, "gnetaren" denied Brazil's Will "hellzito" Arruda a second WCOOP title by eliminating him in second place for a score of $101,615. Arruda previously took down the $1,050 NL Hold'em event in 2015 for $259,203.

The Super Tuesday event had 369 total entries and surpassed its guarantee with a total prize pool of $738,000. Only 16 players made it to Day 2, each with at least $7,103 locked up. PokerStars ambassador Lex "L. Veldhuis" Veldhuis made it to Day 2 and was eliminated in 12th place for $11,481. It took less than an hour for players to play down to the final table, which began with nine players left.

WCOOP-71-H: $2,100 NLHE Final Results

 PlaceWinnerCountryPrize (in USD)
 2Will "hellzito" ArrudaBrazil$101,615
 3Anatoly "NL_Profit" FilatovEstonia$76,538
 4Rodrigo "SELOUAN1991" SelouanBrazil$57,650
 6Andrey "Anjeyyy" NovakUkraine$32,707
 7Gavin "gavz101" CochraneUnited Kingdom$24,635

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2021 WCOOP Results From September 8

There was a strong performance by Samuel "€urop€an" Vousden, who triumphed in WCOOP 73-H: $1,050 NLHE for over $80,000 in combined cash and bounty prizes for his third WCOOP title. There was also a second title, and a first since 2015, for Erik "Popiedejopie" van den Berg.

WCOOP 70-H: $530 PLO8 [6-Max], $100K Gtd

Prize Pool$162,500
WinnerArttyomka (Russia)
First-place Prize$30,447

WCOOP 71-L: $22 NLHE [8-Max, Freezeout], $125K Gtd

Prize Pool$146,400
WinnerErik "Popiedejopie" van den Berg (Netherlands)
First-place Prize$17,584 (three-handed deal)

WCOOP 71-M: $215 NLHE [8-Max, Freezeout, Mini Super Tuesday SE], $300K Gtd

Prize Pool$384,600
Winnersousinha23 (Croatia)
First-place Prize$50,837 (thee-handed deal)

WCOOP 72-H: $1,050 Stud [8-Max], $75K Gtd

Prize Pool$75,000
WinnerYordanPetrov (Bulgaria)
First-place Prize$17,454 (heads-up deal)

WCOOP 73-L: $11 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Freezeout], $100k Gtd

Prize Pool$100,000
WinnerSAFADA1 (Brazil)
First-place Prize$8,926 (includes bounties)

WCOOP 73-M: $109 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Freezeout], $300k Gtd

Prize Pool$323,100
Winneratredezini (Brazil)
First-place Prize$34,398 (includes bounties)

WCOOP 73-H: $1,050 NLHE [6-Max, Progressive KO, Freezeout], $400k Gtd

Prize Pool$629,000
WinnerSamuel "€urop€an" Vousden (Finland)
First-place Prize$81,412 (includes bounties)

WCOOP 74-L: $5.50 NL 6+ Holdem [6-Max], $15K Gtd

Prize Pool$20,717
WinnerPippoHDX (Austria)
First-place Prize$2,961

WCOOP 74-M: $55 NL 6+ Holdem [6-Max], $20K Gtd

Prize Pool$34,950
WinnerScarmak3r (Slovenia)
First-place Prize$5,995

WCOOP 74-H: $530 NL 6+ Holdem [6-Max], $40K Gtd

Prize Pool$67,500
Winnerkurzatvvarz (Poland)
First-place Prize$14,168

WCOOP 77-L: $11 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $50K Gtd

Prize Pool$81,144
WinnerDonDwan (Romania)
First-place Prize$9,195 (heads-up deal)

WCOOP 77-M: $109 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $175K Gtd

Prize Pool$211,900
Winneryagrebulave (Russia)
First-place Prize$31,606

WCOOP 77-H: $1,050 NLHE [4-Max, Turbo], $200K Gtd

Prize Pool$295,000
WinnerLordTBird (Denmark)
First-place Prize$55,722


There are Day 2s galore for PokerStars Ambassadors today, with Arlie Shaban through to Day 2 of WCOOP 75-L, Lasse 'Wistern' Jagd Lauritsen making Day 2 of WCOOP 75-M and Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot into Day 2 of WCOOP 75-H.

Meanwhile, "omaha4lol's" is eyeing their second WCOOP title of the year, chip leading the final 15 in WCOOP 76-M.

WCOOP 75-L: $55 NLHE [8-Max, Midweek Freeze], $200K Gtd

Players Left57
Prize Pool$216,750
Chip Leadermarcio6689 (Brazil)
First-place Prize$30,918

WCOOP 75-M: $530 NLHE [8-Max, Midweek Freeze], $350K Gtd

Players Left38
Prize Pool$350,000
Chip Leaderbar-bar9999 (Netherlands)
First-place Prize$61,090

WCOOP 75-H: $5,200 NLHE [8-Max, Midweek Freeze], $400K Gtd

Players Left9
Prize Pool$455,000
Chip Leaderramastar88 (Uruguay)
First-place Prize$108,730

WCOOP 76-L: $22 5-Card NLO8 [6-Max], $35K Gtd

Players Left20
Prize Pool$44,760
Chip Leaderredarmy883 (Russia)
First-place Prize$6,670

WCOOP 76-M: $215 5-Card NLO8 [6-Max], $85K Gtd

Players Left15
Prize Pool$95,200
Chip Leaderomaha4lol's (Russia)
First-place Prize16,930

WCOOP 76-H: $2,100 5-Card NLO8 [6-Max], $175K Gtd

Players Left17
Prize Pool$276,000
Chip Leaderkubapol1990 (Poland)
First-place Prize$57,933

2021 WCOOP Events Scheduled on September 9

Thu, 09 Sept10:30#78-L: $11 NLHE [6-Max], $65K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept10:30#78-M: $109 NLHE [6-Max], $200K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept10:30#78-H: $1,050 NLHE [6-Max], $250K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept12:05#79-L: $5.50 PLO [6-Max, PKO], $25K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept12:05#79-M: $55 PLO [6-Max, PKO], $100K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept12:05#79-H: $530 PLO [6-Max, PKO], $200K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept13:05#80-L: $109 NLHE [8-Max, PKO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE, Freezeout], $600K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept13:05#80-M: $1,050 NLHE [8-Max, PKO, Thursday Thrill SE, Freezeout], $850K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept13:05#80-H: $10,300 NLHE [8-Max, PKO, High Roller], $750K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept14:15#81-L: $11 HORSE, $20K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept14:15#81-M: $109 HORSE, $50K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept14:15#81-H: $1,050 HORSE, $100K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept15:30#82-L: $22 NLHE [6-Max, Freezeout], $100K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept15:30#82-M: $215 NLHE [6-Max, Freezeout], $200K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept15:30#82-H: $2,100 NLHE [6-Max], $300K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept17:05#83-L: $11 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo, PKO, Freezeout], $100K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept17:05#83-M: $109 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo, PKO, Freezeout], $250K Gtd
Thu, 09 Sept17:05#83-H: $1,050 NLHE [7-Max, Turbo, PKO, Freezeout], $250K Gtd
  • Sam Vousden now has six titles across both SCOOP and WCOOP festivals

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