PokerStars COOP Set to Hit Pennsylvania, New Jersey & Michigan Sept. 10-27

2021 COOP

The prestigious PokerStars Championship of Online Poker (COOP) returns to US shores in September, with players in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey enjoying opportunities at COOP glory.

All three PokerStars US-facing sites offer state-specific versions of the COOP, with each running concurrently September 10-27. While the World Championship of Online Poker currently runs on the PokerStars international platform, US players can look forward to their own piece of the COOP experience.

Both PokerStars PA and PokerStars MI offer the biggest COOP prize pool in the history of their states during the upcoming series.

The COOP is Back on PokerStars US Sites

The Pennsylvania Championship of Online Poker (PACOOP) guarantees $2 million across 69 events on PokerStars PA. The two-day PACOOP Main Event runs Sept. 26-27, with a $300 buy-in and $200,000 in guaranteed prize money on the line.

The last time the COOP came around on PokerStars PA, the Main Event prize pool went well past the $200,000 mark.

The 2021 PASCOOP (Pennsylvania Spring Championship of Online Poker) Main Event ran in May, with the final prize pool ending up at $284,200. The championship went to “kingboss93,” who took home a $46,410 payday.

The 2021 Michigan Championship of Online Poker (MICOOP) offers 68 events, with a combined guarantee of $1.5 million. The upcoming series marks the second time the MICOOP has run on PokerStars MI, which launched in January 2021.

The $300 MICOOP Main Event guarantees $150,000 and runs Sept. 26-27. In May, the 2021 MISCOOP Main Event reached a $243,880 prize pool, and “Stozypokes” came away with the win and a $41,074 prize.

New Jersey poker players are well familiar with the COOP series, which returns to PokerStars NJ with a schedule of 60 events. The guarantees add up to $1 million for the 2021 NJCOOP, including the $300 buy-in, $100,000 guaranteed Main Event Sept. 26-27.

PokerNews will provide live reporting coverage on selected events from all three US COOP series. The COOP festival in each state can only be played from within their respective state, and will not run as interstate online events.

COOP Trophies, Satellites, and Freerolls

Each COOP series will award seven trophies, for the Main Event and six other selected tournaments. Across the three states, 21 winners will earn a COOP trophy.

Tournament buy-ins for each COOP series begin as low as $10. Satellites qualifiers into COOP tournament also run throughout each series.

Main Event tickets are on the line in $3 Spin & Go’s, which run up until the start of the Main Event on Sept. 26. ‘

Sept. 26 also sees Depositor Freeroll's at all three PokerStars US sites, with all players that deposit at least $30 using a state-specific promo code (PACOOP, MICOOP, or NJCOOP) granted entry. The top 50 finishers in each depositor freeroll win a $300 ticket to their respective Main Event.

All players eliminated short of the money ladder in any COOP event also get entry to a Second Chance Freeroll the following day. The Second Chance Freerolls will award $5,000 in COOP tickets in each state’s series.


2021 PACOOP Schedule

EventDateTime (ET)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
01Sept. 10 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (PACOOP Warm Up)$10$30,000
02Sept. 10 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (PACOOP Big Warm Up)$100$25,000
03Sept. 10 (F)7:30 p.m.NLHE (PACOOP Turbo Warm Up)$30$7,500
04Sept. 11 (Sa)4 p.m.NLHE/PLO (8-Max PACOOP Mixed Game Warm Up)$30$5,000
05Sept. 11 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PACOOP Big Kickoff - Championship Trophy Event)$50$50,000
06Sept. 11 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (Escalating Antes)$150$35,000
07Sept. 11 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO High Roller)$500$50,000
08Sept. 11 (Sa)8:30 p.m.PL 5-Card Draw$50$5,000
09Sept. 12 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (COOP Marathon)$10$30,000
10Sept. 12 (Su)3:30 p.m.HORSE (6-Max, HORSE)$100$7,000
11Sept. 12 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special)$100$100,000
12Sept. 12 (Su)6:30 p.m.PLO (8-Max)$100$15,000
13Sept. 12 (Su)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max High Roller)$500$50,000
14Sept. 12 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Sunday Second Chance$50$10,000
15Sept. 12 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Hyper Turbo PKO Super Sonic)$75$10,000
16Sept. 13 (M)6 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Battle Royale Turbo Edition)$30$12,500
17Sept. 13 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Battle Royale)$200$40,000
18Sept. 13 (M)7:30 p.m.PLO8 (8-Max)$100$10,000
19Sept. 14 (Tu)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Bigstack)$200$50,000
20Sept. 14 (Tu)8 p.m.FLHE (6-Max Limit Hold'em)$100$6,000
21Sept. 14 (Tu)9 p.m.PLO (6-Max PKO)$50$8,000
22Sept. 15 (W)6 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$30$15,000
23Sept. 15 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (Single Re-entry)$100$20,000
24Sept. 15 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Championship Trophy Event)$250$40,000
25Sept. 15 (W)9 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up Turbo PKO Zoom)$100$25,000
26Sept. 16 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Deepstack $50 Bounty)$200$40,000
27Sept. 16 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Deepstack)$75$20,000
28Sept. 16 (Th)9 p.m.Stud (6-Max)$50$3,500
29Sept. 17 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (PKO Nightly Stars SE PKO Edition)$100$30,000
30Sept. 17 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (4-Max)$200$35,000
31Sept. 18 (Sa)3 p.m.NLHE (Afternoon Deepstack)$30$10,000
32Sept. 18 (Sa)3 p.m.Stud (Hi/Lo 6-Max)$100$8,000
33Sept. 18 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Duel Threat)$50$20,000
34Sept. 18 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Duel Threat)$50$20,000
35Sept. 18 (Sa)8 p.m.PLO (6-Max PLO High RollerChampionship Trophy Event)$250$20,000
36Sept. 18 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Zoom)$100$20,000
37Sept. 19 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Bigstack Marathon)$100$30,000
38Sept. 19 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special SE)$200$100,000
39Sept. 19 (Su)6:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Sunday Special)$30$20,000
40Sept. 19 (Su)7 p.m.NLHE (High Roller)$500$50,000
41Sept. 19 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Sunday Second Chance)$100$17,500
42Sept. 20 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Nightly Stars SE Battle Royale Edition)$100$30,000
43Sept. 20 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (COOP Freezeout)$200$20,000
44Sept. 20 (M)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Progressive Total KO)$50$12,500
45Sept. 21 (Tu)7 p.m.NLHE (Super Tuesday PACOOP Special Edition)$250$55,000
46Sept. 21 (Tu)8 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, Progressive KO)$50$20,000
47Sept. 21 (Tu)9 p.m.NLHE (Turbo Super Tuesday Late Edition)$75$20,000
48Sept. 22 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Nightly Stars SE 6-Max Edition)$100$30,000
49Sept. 22 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max, Turbo, Zoom)$100$25,000
50Sept. 23 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (PKO Thursday Thrill PACOOP Special Edition – Championship Trophy Event)$250$55,000
51Sept. 23 (Th)8 p.m.NLO8 (8-Max)$50$5,000
52Sept. 23 (Th)9 p.m.NLHE (PKO Thursday Thrill Late Edition)$75$20,000
53Sept. 24 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (4-Max Stars SE 4-Max Edition)$100$20,000
54Sept. 24 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Turbo Deepstack)$200$30,000
55Sept. 24 (F)9 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up Turbo Progressive Total KO Zoom)$20$7,500
56Sept. 25 (Sa)5 p.m.NLHE (Afternoon Bigstack)$75$20,000
57Sept. 25 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Bigstack)$200$30,000
58Sept. 25 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Bigstack)$50$20,000
59Sept. 25 (Sa)8:30 p.m.5-Card PLO (6-Max)$100$10,000
60Sept. 26 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Deepstack Sunday Marathon SE)$100$25,000
61Sept. 26 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Main Event – Championship Trophy Event)$300$200,000
62Sept. 26 (Su)6:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Main Event)$50$40,000
63Sept. 26 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max High Roller Championship Trophy Event)$1,000$75,000
64Sept. 26 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Hyper-Turbo Deepstack)$100$15,000
65Sept. 27 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PACOOP Wrap Up)$100$40,000
66Sept. 27 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Mini Wrap Up)$10$5,000
67Sept. 27 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (Phase 2)$50$50,000
68Sept. 27 (M)8 p.m.8-Game (Championship Trophy Event)$200$20,000
69Sept. 27 (M)9:30 p.m.NLHE (7-Max Turbo Last Chance)$150$20,000

2021 MICOOP Schedule

EventDateTime (ET)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
01Sept. 10 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (MICOOP Warm Up)$10$10,000
02Sept. 10 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (MICOOP Big Warm Up)$100$20,000
03Sept. 10 (F)7:30 p.m.NLHE (MICOOP Turbo Warm Up)$30$6,000
04Sept. 11 (Sa)4 p.m.NLHE/PLO (8-Max MICOOP Mixed Game Warm Up)$30$4,000
05Sept. 11 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (8-Max MICOOP Big Kickoff - Championship Trophy Event)$100$50,000
06Sept. 11 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO High Roller)$500$40,000
07Sept. 11 (Sa)8:30 p.m.PL 5-Card Draw$50$4,000
08Sept. 12 (Su)2:30 p.m.NLHE (MICOOP Marathon)$10$25,000
09Sept. 12 (Su)3 p.m.HORSE (6-Max, HORSE)$100$6,000
10Sept. 12 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special)$100$75,000
11Sept. 12 (Su)6:30 p.m.PLO (8-Max)$100$12,000
12Sept. 12 (Su)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max High Roller)$500$40,000
13Sept. 12 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Sunday Second Chance)$50$8,500
14Sept. 12 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Super Sonic)$75$8,000
15Sept. 13 (M)6 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Battle Royale Turbo Edition)$30$10,000
16Sept. 13 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Battle Royale)$200$30,000
17Sept. 13 (M)7:30 p.m.PLO8 (8-Max)$100$8,000
18Sept. 14 (Tu)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Bigstack)$200$32,500
19Sept. 14 (Tu)8 p.m.FLHE (6-Max Limit Hold'em)$100$5,000
20Sept. 14 (Tu)9 p.m.PLO (6-Max PKO)$50$6,500
21Sept. 15 (W)6 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$30$12,000
22Sept. 15 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (Single Re-entry)$100$20,000
23Sept. 15 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Championship Trophy Event)$250$30,000
24Sept. 15 (W)9 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up Turbo PKO Zoom)$100$10,000
25Sept. 16 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Deepstack $50 Bounty)$200$22,500
26Sept. 16 (Th)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Deepstack)$75$15,000
27Sept. 16 (Th)9 p.m.Stud (6-Max)$50$3,000
28Sept. 17 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (PKO Nightly Stars SE PKO Edition)$100$20,000
29Sept. 17 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (4-Max)$200$25,000
30Sept. 18 (Sa)4 p.m.NLHE (Afternoon Deepstack)$30$8,500
31Sept. 18 (Sa)4 p.m.Stud (Hi/Lo 6-Max)$100$6,500
32Sept. 18 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Duel Threat)$50$15,000
33Sept. 18 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Duel Threat)$50$15,000
34Sept. 18 (Sa)8 p.m.PLO (6-Max PLO High RollerChampionship Trophy Event)$250$15,000
35Sept. 18 (Sa)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Zoom)$100$17,500
36Sept. 19 (Su)3 p.m.NLHE (Bigstack Marathon)$100$25,000
37Sept. 19 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special SE)$200$90,000
38Sept. 19 (Su)6:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Sunday Special)$30$15,000
39Sept. 19 (Su)7 p.m.NLHE (High Roller)$500$40,000
40Sept. 19 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Sunday Second Chance)$100$12,500
41Sept. 20 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Nightly Stars SE Battle Royale Edition)$100$25,000
42Sept. 20 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (COOP Freezeout)$200$15,000
43Sept. 20 (M)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Progressive Total KO)$50$10,000
44Sept. 21 (Tu)7 p.m.NLHE (Super Tuesday MICOOP Special Edition)$250$40,000
45Sept. 21 (Tu)8 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, Progressive KO)$50$5,000
46Sept. 21 (Tu)9 p.m.NLHE (Turbo Super Tuesday Late Edition)$75$12,500
47Sept. 22 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Nightly Stars SE 6-Max Edition)$100$25,000
48Sept. 22 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo, Zoom)$50$10,000
49Sept. 23 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (PKO Thursday Thrill MICOOP Special Edition – Championship Trophy Event)$250$40,000
50Sept. 23 (Th)8 p.m.NLO8 (8-Max)$50$4,000
51Sept. 23 (Th)9 p.m.NLHE (PKO Thursday Thrill Late Edition)$75$15,000
52Sept. 24 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (4-Max Stars SE 4-Max Edition)$100$17,500
53Sept. 24 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Turbo Deepstack)$200$20,000
54Sept. 24 (F)9 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up Turbo Progressive Total KO Zoom)$20$6,000
55Sept. 25 (Sa)5 p.m.NLHE (Afternoon Bigstack)$75$15,000
56Sept. 25 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Bigstack)$200$25,000
57Sept. 25 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Bigstack)$50$15,000
58Sept. 25 (Sa)8:30 p.m.5-Card PLO (6-Max)$100$8,500
59Sept. 26 (Su)2:30 p.m.NLHE (Deepstack Sunday Marathon SE)$100$25,000
60Sept. 26 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Main Event – Championship Trophy Event)$300$150,000
61Sept. 26 (Su)6:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Main Event)$50$30,000
62Sept. 26 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max High Roller Championship Trophy Event)$1,000$60,000
63Sept. 26 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Hyper-Turbo Deepstack)$100$10,000
64Sept. 27 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max MICOOP Wrap Up)$100$30,000
65Sept. 27 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Mini Wrap Up)$10$4,000
66Sept. 27 (M)8 p.m.NLHE (Phase 2)$50$40,000
67Sept. 27 (M)8:30 p.m.8-Game (Championship Trophy Event)$200$15,000
68Sept. 27 (M)9:30 p.m.NLHE (7-Max Turbo Last Chance)$150$15,000

2021 NJCOOP Schedule

EventDateTime (ET)TournamentBuy-inGuarantee
01Sept. 10 (F)6 p.m.NLHE (NJCOOP Warm Up)$10$5,000
02Sept. 10 (F)7 p.m.NLHE (NJCOOP Big Warm Up)$100$8,000
03Sept. 10 (F)7:30 p.m.NLHE (NJCOOP Turbo Warm Up)$50$6,000
04Sept. 11 (Sa)6 p.m.NLHE (8-Max NJCOOP Big Kickoff - Championship Trophy Event)$100$25,000
05Sept. 11 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$300$22,500
06Sept. 11 (Sa)9:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Turbo Zoom)$75$12,500
07Sept. 12 (Su)2 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Deepstack)$200$25,000
08Sept. 12 (Su)3:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO)$150$20,000
09Sept. 12 (Su)5 p.m.NLHE (Sunday Special)$250$45,000
10Sept. 12 (Su)5:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Sunday Special)$30$12,500
11Sept. 12 (Su)7 p.m.PLO (6-Max)$100$7,500
12Sept. 12 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Hyper-Turbo Sunday Supersonic SE)$150$10,000
13Sept. 13 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, PKO)$100$20,000
14Sept. 13 (M)7:30 p.m.PLO8 (8-Max, Rebuy)$75$10,000
15Sept. 14 (Tu)7 p.m.NLHE (Super Tuesday NJCOOP Edition – Championship Trophy Event)$250$35,000
16Sept. 14 (Tu)7:30 p.m.NLHE (Mini Super Tuesday)$30$10,000
17Sept. 14 (Tu)8 p.m.NLHE (Escalating Antes)$150$15,000
18Sept. 14 (Tu)9:30 p.m.NLHE (Turbo, Bubble Rush)$100$10,000
19Sept. 15 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (PKO)$100$20,000
20Sept. 15 (W)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max High Roller – Championship Trophy Event)$1,000$40,000
21Sept. 15 (W)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$150$15,000
22Sept. 16 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (PKO Bigstack)$200$20,000
23Sept. 16 (Th)7:30 p.m.NLHE (PKO Bigstack)$20$5,000
24Sept. 16 (Th)9:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Turbo)$100$8,000
25Sept. 17 (F)7:30 p.m.8-Game (Championship Trophy Event)$300$15,000
26Sept. 17 (F)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Turbo PKO, BigStack)$200$10,000
27Sept. 18 (Sa)5 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Deepstack)$100$12,500
28Sept. 18 (Sa)8 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO, $100 Bounty)$300$20,000
29Sept. 18 (Sa)8:30 p.m.NLO8 (8-Max)$100$6,000
30Sept. 18 (Sa)9:30 p.m.NLHE (7-Max Turbo)$100$7,500
30Sept. 18 (Sa)9:30 p.m.NLHE (7-Max Turbo)$100$7,500
31Sept. 19 (Su)1 p.m.NLHE (Marathon)$100$10,000
32Sept. 19 (Su)2 p.m.NLHE/PLO (6-Max)$100$6,500
33Sept. 19 (Su)3:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Big Antes)$150$20,000
34Sept. 19 (Su)5 p.m.NLHE (Championship Trophy Event)$300$50,000
35Sept. 19 (Su)7 p.m.NLHE (PKO)$200$25,000
36Sept. 19 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Hyper-Turbo)$100$8,500
37Sept. 20 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (4-Max, PKO)$300$22,500
38Sept. 20 (M)8 p.m.HORSE (6-Max)$100$6,500
39Sept. 21 (Tu)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Bigstack)$200$32,500
40Sept. 21 (Tu)7:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Bigstack)$20$7,500
41Sept. 21 (Tu)8:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Progressive Total KO)$50$7,000
42Sept. 22 (W)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max)$30$10,000
43Sept. 22 (W)8 p.m.NLHE$200$17,500
44Sept. 23 (Th)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max PKO Thursday Thrill NJCOOP Edition – Championship Trophy Event)$250$30,000
45Sept. 23 (Th)7:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max, Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill)$30$7,500
46Sept. 23 (Th)9 p.m.NLHE (Turbo)$150$15,000
47Sept. 24 (F)8 p.m.FLHE (6-Max)$200$6,500
48Sept. 24 (F)9 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Hyper-Turbo Deep)$200$10,000
49Sept. 25 (Sa)7 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO Saturday Battle Royale)$200$17,500
50Sept. 25 (Sa)7:30 p.m.NLHE (6-Max PKO)$200$17,500
51Sept. 26 (Su)2 p.m.NLHE (Big Antes)$100$12,000
52Sept. 26 (Su)5 p.m.NLHE (Main Event – Championship Trophy Event)$300$100,000
53Sept. 26 (Su)6 p.m.NLHE (Mini Main Event)$50$22,500
54Sept. 26 (Su)8 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Win the Button)$100$10,000
55Sept. 26 (Su)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Sunday Second Chance)$200$12,000
56Sept. 26 (Su)10 p.m.NLHE (6-Max Hyper-Turbo)$75$8,500
57Sept. 27 (M)7 p.m.NLHE (8-Max NJCOOP Wrap Up)$100$20,000
58Sept. 27 (M)7:30 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Mini Wrap Up)$20$5,000
59Sept. 27 (M)9 p.m.NLHE (8-Max Turbo Last Chance)$150$10,00
60Sept. 27 (M)9:30 p.m.NLHE (Heads-Up Turbo Progressive Total KO Zoom)$100$7,500
  • The PokerStarsCOOP returns in September w/ $4.5 million GTDs on the line in PA, MI, and NJ

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