Venetian DeepStack Series Running Five $1 Million Guaranteed Tournaments

The Venetian Las Vegas

The World Series of Poker takes center stage in the poker universe this fall with the WSOP 2021, but plenty of other live tournament action will play out in Las Vegas alongside the WSOP.

The Venetian’s in-house flagship tournament festival, The DeepStack series, is currently underway. The current edition of the series is broken up into the DeepStack Extravaganza (running now through Sept. 26), and the DeepStack Championship II (Sept. 27 through Nov. 28).

A couple of big guarantees still await in the Deepstack Extravaganza, including the following events:

  • Sept. 20-22: $400 NLH MonsterStack ($100,000 guaranteed)
  • Sept. 23-26: $600 NLH UltimateStack ($200,000 guaranteed)

Remaining events on the The DeepStack Extravaganza schedule include:

Venetian DeepStack Extravaganza Remaining Schedule

EventDateTime (PT)TournamentGuarantee
22Sept. 1812:10 p.m.$500 NLH EpicStack$30,000
23Sept. 1911:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000
24Sept. 193:10 p.m.$400 Pot-Limit Omaha$10,000
25Sept. 20-2211:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$100,000
26Sept. 206:10 p.m.$200 NLH Bounty$6,000
27Sept. 221:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000
28Sept. 23-2611:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000
29Sept. 236:10 p.m.$200 NLH Survivor$6,000
30Sept. 262:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000

Following DeepStack Extravaganza, the DeepStack Championship II series beings. The 76-event schedule offers more than $10 million in combined guaranteed prize money.

The DeepStack Championship II part of the series runs Sept. 27 through Nov. 28. Big payouts will abound during the series, with five different $1 million guaranteed tournaments on tap.

That slate of tournaments includes a pair of MSPT Main Events and a $2,500 buy-in Card Player Poker Tour event.

Notable tournaments in the series include:

  • Sept. 28-Oct. 1: $800 NLH UltimateStack ($400,000 guaranteed)
  • Oct. 9-11: $1,100 NLH UltimateStack ($400,000 guaranteed)
  • Oct. 12-15: $1,100 NLH MSPT ($1,000,000 guaranteed)
  • Oct. 18-21: $1,600 NLH MSPT ($1,000,000 guaranteed)
  • Oct. 22-25: $600 NLH MonsterStack ($250,000 guaranteed)
  • Oct. 26-28: $1,100 NLH UltimateStack ($400,000 guaranteed)
  • Oct. 29-31: $800 NLH Seniors (50+) ($300,000 guaranteed)
  • Nov. 1-4: $1,100 NLH Mini DeepStack Championship ($1,000,000 guaranteed)
  • Nov. 7-10: $1,600 NLH DeepStack Championship ($1,000,000 guaranteed)
  • Nov. 11-14: $2,500 NLH Card Player Poker Tour ($1,000,000 guaranteed)

PokerNews will offer live updates from both Mid-States Poker Tour (MSPT) events.

Venetian DeepStack Championship II Full Schedule

EventDateTime (PT)TournamentGuarantee
1Sept. 2711:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000
2Sept. 276:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000
3Sept. 28-Oct. 111:10 a.m.$800 NLH UltimateStack$400,000
4Sept. 28-303:10 p.m.$600 Limit Omaha 8/B$50,000
5Oct. 11:10 p.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000
6Oct. 211:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000
7Oct. 23:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha 8/B$40,000
8Oct. 3-611:10 a.m.$600 NLH UltimateStack$200,000
9Oct. 36:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000
10Oct. 46:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000
11Oct. 61:10 p.m.$800 NLH MonsterStack$75,000
12Oct. 711:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000
13Oct. 7-93:10 p.m.$800 BIG O$75,000
14Oct. 811:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000
15Oct. 910:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #16)
16Oct. 9-1111:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH UltimateStack$400,000
17Oct. 1112:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000
18Oct. 1110:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #19)
19Oct. 12-1511:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MSPT$1,000,000
20Oct. 123:10 p.m.$600 Pot-Limit Omaha$40,000
21Oct. 152:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH DoubleStack$150,000
22Oct. 1611:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000
23Oct. 163:10 p.m.$1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha$75,000
24Oct. 1710:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #27)
25Oct. 17-1811:10 a.m.$800 NLH UltimateStack$75,000
26Oct. 177:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #27)
27Oct. 18-2211:10 a.m.$1,600 NLH MSPT$1,000,000
28Oct. 187:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #27)
29Oct. 212:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH DoubleStack$150,000
30Oct. 22-2511:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$250,000
31Oct. 226:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000
32Oct. 243:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha 8/B$75,000
33Oct. 2511:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000
34Oct. 2610:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #35)
35Oct. 26-2811:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH UltimateStack$400,000
36Oct. 281:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000
37Oct. 29-3110:10 a.m.$800 NLH Seniors (50+)$300,000
38Oct. 293:10 p.m.$600 PLO/PLO 8/B$40,000
39Oct. 306:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #43)
40Oct. 3111:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000
41Oct. 316:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #43)
42Nov. 1-210:10 a.m.$800 NLH Super Seniors (60+)$50,000
43Nov. 1-411:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH Mini Deepstack Championship$1,000,000
44Nov. 411:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$100,000
45Nov. 411:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$100,000
46Nov. 5-73:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha$75,000
47Nov. 611:10 a.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$100,000
48Nov. 76:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #49)
49Nov. 7-1011:10 a.m.$1,600 NLH Deepstack Championship$1,000,000
50Nov. 77:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #49)
51Nov. 810:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #49)
52Nov. 101:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha Bounty$30,000
53Nov. 106:10 p.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #55)
54Nov. 1110:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #55)
55Nov. 11-1311:10 a.m.$2,500 NLH Card Player Poker Tour$1,000,000
56Nov. 116:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000
57Nov. 1210:10 a.m.$300 NLH Mega Satellite5 Seats GTD (Event #55)
58Nov. 131:10 p.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000
59Nov. 1411:10 a.m.$1,100 NLH MonsterStack$150,000
60Nov. 146:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000
61Nov. 15-1711:10 a.m.$800 NLH UltimateStack$150,000
62Nov. 153:10 p.m.$600 Limit Omaha 8/B$30,000
63Nov. 1712:10 p.m.$600 NLH MonsterStack$50,000
64Nov. 176:10 p.m.$400 NLH Survivor$15,000
65Nov. 18-2111:10 a.m.$600 NLH EpicStack$250,000
66Nov. 183:10 p.m.$800 Pot-Limit Omaha$40,000
67Nov. 212:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000
68Nov. 22-2411:10 a.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$150,000
69Nov. 226:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000
70Nov. 236:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000
71Nov. 2412:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$25,000
72Nov. 246:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000
73Nov. 256:10 p.m.$300 NLH Turbo$10,000
74Nov. 256:10 p.m.$300 NLH Bounty$12,000
75Nov. 26-2811:10 a.m.$400 NLH UltimateStack$100,000
76Nov. 281:10 p.m.$400 NLH MonsterStack$20,000


  • The @VenetianPoker DeepStack series runs from now through Nov. 18, with plenty of big guarantees.

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