€600K Must be Won in the Unibet Online Series XIV

Unibet Online Series XV

Unibet Poker is the place to be if you want to get stuck into some exciting multi-table tournament action over the next week because the Unibet Online Series XIV is in full swing. Featuring a bustling schedule of 105 events with combined guaranteed prize pools tipping he scales at €600,000, the Unibet Online Series XIV is one of the biggest poker festival’s Unibet Poker has run in recent times.

There is an event for everyone because buy-ins start at a mere €0.25 and increase to €1,100, plus you can find a plethora of satellites tournaments for every budget feeding into the bigger buy-in tournaments.

The piece de resistance is, without a doubt, the Unibet Open Online event. It comes with a €1,100 buy-in but a massive €125,000 guaranteed prize pool. This event shuffles up and deals on December 12 and everyone will fight tooth and nail to become its champion.

Unibet Poker’s Replay Rewards Help You Through Downswings

Unibet Online Series XIV Full Schedule

DateTime CETNameEventGuaranteeTypeBuyinLevel
Mon 29 Nov19:00€7,500 E9 UOS Rebuy Mid97500Holdem25Mid
Mon 29 Nov19:00€4,000 E10 UOS Rebuy Low104000Holdem10Low
Mon 29 Nov19:00€250 E11 UOS Rebuy Nano11250Holdem0.50Nano
Mon 29 Nov20:30€8,000 E12 UOS Bounty Re-enter Mid128000Holdem Bounty50Mid
Mon 29 Nov20:30€1,000 E13 UOS Bounty Re-enter Low131000Holdem Bounty5Low
Mon 29 Nov20:30€100 E14 UOS Bounty Re-enter Nano14100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Tue 30 Nov19:00€10,000 E15 UOS Big Bang High1510000Holdem200High
Tue 30 Nov19:00€4,000 E16 UOS Big Bang Mid164000Holdem25Mid
Tue 30 Nov19:00€1,000 E17 UOS Big Bang Low171000Holdem10Low
Tue 30 Nov19:00€100 E18 UOS Big Bang Nano18100Holdem0.50Nano
Tue 30 Nov20:30€4,000 E19 UOS Omaha Re-enter Bounty Mid194000Omaha Bounty50Mid
Tue 30 Nov20:30€750 E20 UOS Omaha Re-enter Bounty Low20750Omaha Bounty5Low
Tue 30 Nov20:30€100 E21 UOS Omaha Re-enter Bounty Nano21100Omaha Bounty0.50Nano
Wed 1 Dec19:00€6,000 E22 UOS Omaha Rebuy Mid226000Omaha50Low
Wed 1 Dec19:00€2,500 E23 UOS Omaha Rebuy Low232500Omaha10Mid
Wed 1 Dec19:00€100 E24 UOS Omaha Rebuy Nano24100Omaha0.25Nano
Wed 1 Dec20:30€7,500 E25 UOS Rebuy Mid257500Holdem50Mid
Wed 1 Dec20:30€2,000 E26 UOS Rebuy Low262000Holdem5Low
Wed 1 Dec20:30€100 E27 UOS Rebuy Nano27100Holdem0.25Nano
Thu 2 Dec19:00€10,000 E28 UOS Big Bang Bounty High2810000Holdem Bounty200High
Thu 2 Dec19:00€4,000 E29 UOS Big Bang Bounty Mid294000Holdem Bounty25Mid
Thu 2 Dec19:00€1,000 E30 UOS Big Bang Bounty Low301000Holdem Bounty5Low
Thu 2 Dec19:00€100 E31 UOS Big Bang Bounty Nano31100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Thu 2 Dec20:30€5,000 E32 UOS Rebuy Mid325000Holdem25Mid
Thu 2 Dec20:30€1,500 E33 UOS Rebuy Low331500Holdem5Low
Thu 2 Dec20:30€100 E34 UOS Rebuy Nano34100Holdem0.50Nano
Fri 3 Dec19:00€25,000 E35 UOS Highroller 6-Max High 2-Days3525000Holdem300High
Fri 3 Dec19:00€10,000 E36 UOS 6-Max Mid 2-Days3610000Holdem50Mid
Fri 3 Dec19:00€2,000 E37 UOS 6-Max Low 2-Days372000Holdem10Low
Fri 3 Dec19:00€250 E38 UOS 6-Max Nano 2-Days38250Holdem1Nano
Fri 3 Dec20:30€5,000 E39 UOS Re-enter Mid395000Holdem25Mid
Fri 3 Dec20:30€2,500 E40 UOS Re-enter Low402500Holdem10Low
Fri 3 Dec20:30€100 E41 UOS Re-enter Nano41100Holdem0.50Nano
Sat 4 Dec19:00€10,000 E42 UOS Bounty Re-enter Mid4210000Holdem Bounty50Mid
Sat 4 Dec19:00€1,500 E43 UOS Bounty Re-enter Low431500Holdem Bounty5Low
Sat 4 Dec19:00€100 E44 UOS Bounty Re-enter Nano44100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Sat 4 Dec20:30€8,000 E45 UOS Bounty Re-enter High458000Holdem Bounty100High
Sat 4 Dec20:30€5,000 E46 UOS Bounty Re-enter Mid465000Holdem Bounty25Mid
Sat 4 Dec20:30€1,000 E47 UOS Bounty Re-enter Low471000Holdem Bounty5Low
Sat 4 Dec20:30€100 E48 UOS Bounty Re-enter Nano48100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Sun 5 Dec19:00€50,000 E49 Supermoon Bounty High 2-Days4950000Holdem250High
Sun 5 Dec19:00€7,500 E50 Supermoon Bounty Mid 2-Days507500Holdem25Mid
Sun 5 Dec19:00€3,000 E51 Supermoon Bounty Low 2-Days513000Holdem10Low
Sun 5 Dec19:00€300 E52 Supermoon Bounty Nano 2-Days52300Holdem1Low
Sun 5 Dec20:30€8,000 E53 UOS Re-enter High538000Holdem100High
Sun 5 Dec20:30€3,500 E54 UOS Re-enter Mid543500Holdem25Mid
Sun 5 Dec20:30€1,000 E55 UOS Re-enter Low551000Holdem5Low
Sun 5 Dec20:30€100 E56 UOS Re-enter Nano56100Holdem0.25Nano
Mon 6 Dec19:00€7,000 E57 UOS Rebuy Mid577000Holdem25Mid
Mon 6 Dec19:00€4,000 E58 UOS Rebuy Low584000Holdem10Low
Mon 6 Dec19:00€100 E59 UOS Rebuy Nano59100Holdem0.25Nano
Mon 6 Dec20:30€2,000 E60 UOS Omaha Mid602000Omaha25Mid
Mon 6 Dec20:30€1,000 E61 UOS Omaha Low611000Omaha10Low
Mon 6 Dec20:30€100 E62 UOS Omaha Nano62100Omaha0.50Nano
Tue 7 Dec19:00€10,000 E63 UOS Big Bang High6310000Holdem200High
Tue 7 Dec19:00€4,000 E64 UOS Big Bang Mid644000Holdem25Mid
Tue 7 Dec19:00€1,000 E65 UOS Big Bang Low651000Holdem10Low
Tue 7 Dec19:00€100 E66 UOS Big Bang Nano66100Holdem0.50Nano
Tue 7 Dec20:30€4,000 E67 UOS Bounty Re-enter Mid674000Holdem Bounty25Mid
Tue 7 Dec20:30€1,000 E68 UOS Bounty Re-enter Low681000Holdem Bounty5Low
Tue 7 Dec20:30€100 E69 UOS Bounty Re-enter Nano69100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Wed 8 Dec19:00€7,000 E70 UOS Mid707000Holdem50Mid
Wed 8 Dec19:00€2,000 E71 UOS Low712000Holdem10Low
Wed 8 Dec19:00€100 E72 UOS Nano72100Holdem0.50Nano
Wed 8 Dec20:30€7,000 E73 UOS Rebuy Mid737000Holdem50Mid
Wed 8 Dec20:30€3,000 E74 UOS Rebuy Low743000Holdem10Low
Wed 8 Dec20:30€100 E75 UOS Rebuy Nano75100Holdem0.25Nano
Thu 9 Dec19:00€10,000 E76 UOS Big Bang Bounty High7610000Holdem Bounty200High
Thu 9 Dec19:00€4,000 E77 UOS Big Bang Bounty Mid774000Holdem Bounty25Mid
Thu 9 Dec19:00€1,000 E78 UOS Big Bang Bounty Low781000Holdem Bounty5Low
Thu 9 Dec19:00€100 E79 UOS Big Bang Bounty Nano79100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Thu 9 Dec20:30€6,000 E80 UOS Rebuy Mid806000Holdem25Mid
Thu 9 Dec20:30€3,000 E81 UOS Rebuy Low813000Holdem10Low
Thu 9 Dec20:30€100 E82 UOS Rebuy Nano82100Holdem0.25Nano
Fri 10 Dec19:00€12,500 E83 UOS Unibet Opener Bounty Re-enter High8312500Holdem Bounty100High
Fri 10 Dec19:00€6,500 E84 UOS Bounty Re-enter Mid846500Holdem Bounty25Mid
Fri 10 Dec19:00€1,500 E85 UOS Bounty Re-enter Low851500Holdem Bounty5Low
Fri 10 Dec19:00€100 E86 UOS Bounty Re-enter Nano86100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Fri 10 Dec20:30€3,500 E87 UOS Mid873500Holdem50Mid
Fri 10 Dec20:30€1,000 E88 UOS Low881000Holdem5Low
Fri 10 Dec20:30€100 E89 UOS Nano89100Holdem0.50Nano
Sat 11 Dec19:00€12,500 E90 UOS Unibet Open Rebuy Warm-Up High9012500Holdem100High
Sat 11 Dec19:00€6,000 E91 UOS Rebuy Mid916000Holdem25Mid
Sat 11 Dec19:00€3,000 E92 UOS Rebuy Low923000Holdem10Low
Sat 11 Dec19:00€100 E93 UOS Rebuy Nano93100Holdem0.25Nano
Sat 11 Dec20:30€3,000 E94 UOS Sirius Banzai Bounty Mid943000Holdem Bounty25Mid
Sat 11 Dec20:30€1,500 E95 UOS Sirius Banzai Bounty Low951500Holdem Bounty10Low
Sat 11 Dec20:30€150 E96 UOS Sirius Banzai Bounty Nano96100Holdem Bounty0.50Nano
Sun 12 Dec19:00€125,000 E97 UOS Unibet Open Online High 2-Days97125000Holdem1100High
Sun 12 Dec19:00€40,000 E98 UOS Unibet Open Rebuy High 2-Days9840000Holdem100High
Sun 12 Dec19:00€12,500 E99 UOS Rebuy Mid 2-Days9912500Holdem25mid
Sun 12 Dec19:00€3,000 E100 UOS Rebuy Low 2-Days1003000Holdem5Low
Sun 12 Dec19:00€500 E101 UOS Rebuy Nano 2-Days101500Holdem1Nano
Sun 12 Dec20:30€10,000 E102 UOS Rebuy High10210000Holdem100High
Sun 12 Dec20:30€5,000 E103 UOS Rebuy Mid1035000Holdem25Mid
Sun 12 Dec20:30€1,500 E104 UOS Rebuy Low1041500Holdem5Low
Sun 12 Dec20:30€100 E105 UOS Rebuy Nano105100Holdem0.50Nano

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Extra Value Awaits in the Series’ Leaderboards

There are five leaderboards waiting for you to climb, four split into tournament buy-in levels, and one overall leaderboard.

The Nano Leaderboard pays out an equal share of €1,000 to every player who competes in at least 21 of the Nano events. The Low Leaderboard sees the top 50 finishers win a share of €2,000, with 40 Unibet Poker players sharing €3,500 in the Mid Leaderboard.

High stakes players have a chance to win a share of €4,500 by being one of the top 25 points earners.

The Overall Leaderboard pays out €10,000 across 50 places.

Help Yourself to €20 Extra and a €200 Bonus

Now is the time to join the fun and games at Unibet Poker so you can get used to navigating around the excellent software in time for getting your grind on during the Loyalty Point Races. We invite you to download Unibet Poker via PokerNews. Do this, create your free account, and make a deposit of at least €10. Doing so entitles you to €20 worth of tickets, plus entry into up to four €500 weekly welcome freerolls.

Your new Unibet Poker account comes with a €200 playthrough bonus. Play real money cash games, tournaments and HexaPro games and your bonus money releases into your playable account balance at the frequencies shown below:

LevelRakeCash rewardReward %
Name Surname

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