COLOSSAL! Top 5 Hands from GGPoker's $2,000/$4,000 High Stakes Cash Game

GGPoker High Stakes Cash Game

It is no secret that some of the best high stakes online poker takes place on GGPoker. The platform has just finished hosting its first Super MILLION$ Week of the year which guaranteed to pay out no less than $40 million in prizes.

It was not only tournaments that had been driving the action, last weekend saw a $2,000/$4,000 online poker cash game take place. The six-handed cash game featured huge names like Mikita Badziakouski and Super High Roller Bowl Europe champion Wiktor Malinowski.

With over $4 million on the table and straddles up to $32,000, there were several astronomical pots. We've picked the five biggest hands that went to at least the river so continue reading to find out the big winners from this nose-bleed cash game.

Early Double for Konstantin - $587,581

The first notable hand of the session came early on with "BIEDERMEIR" putting on the triple straddle to $16,000. O Konstantin then open jammed for $289,440 from the button with "BIEDERMEIR" calling.

Konstantin Flops a Flush and Scoops

Konstantin flopped a flush and then sealed the checkmark on the turn to rake in pot worth more than $500,000.

Gierse Gets There Against Malinowski - $333,550

The next mammoth sized pot was sent towards Marius Gierse. Action driver "BIEDERMEIR" straddled to $8,000 in the small blind with Gierse raising to $16,000 from under the gun. Renowned and feared high stakes grinder Malinowski called on the button as did the small blind.

Gierse Gets There Against Malinowski

With $51,700 in the middle, "BIEDERMEIR" led out for $25,850 with Gierse calling before Malinowski bumped it up to $128,000. Only Gierse called with both players deciding to check after a third spade fell on the turn. Gierse checked the river but Malinowski avoided his opponent's trap and checked back with his flopped top pair. Gierse scooped the six-figure pot their queen-high flush.

Konstantin Gets Badziakouski to Fold - $519,882

"BIEDERMEIR" had another straddle out in front of him, however it was only $4,000 on this occasion. Konstantin, in late position, opened to $10,000 before calling the $58,000 small blind three-bet from Mikita Badziakouski.

Badziakouski Lets It Go

The flop brought in a paired board and Badziakouski opted to continue for $35,000 which his opponent called. A third nine then hit the turn which prompted the former partypoker ambassador to check-call a bet of $63,591. Konstantin then sized up to $200,000 on the river and Badziakouski responded by folding his cards.

Wisbrod Rakes in Seven-Figure Pot - $1,237,886

It should come as no surprise that "BIEDERMEIR" again was pushing the action, this time straddling to $32,000 on the button. Barak Wisbrod raised to $77,000 from under the gun and only "BIEDERMEIR" called to see a flop.

Dream Spot For Wisbrod's Aces

"BIEDERMEIR" then ripped in their gargantuan stack and was snap-called by their adversary's pocket aces. "BIEDERMEIR" was unable to hit their gutshot straight draw and Wisbrod scooped in the biggest pot of the session so far.

End of the Road for "BIEDERMEIR" - $1,447,347

In the largest pot of the night, "BIEDERMEIR" straddled again to $32,000 which then sparked a three-way all-in between themselves, Wisbrod and Malinowski. The latter was the short stack and was competing for the $999,960 main pot while $447,387 was in the side pot.

Malinowski Triples Up with Full House

Malinowski would end up making a full house to scoop the main pot and Wisbrod's pocket-queens reigned supreme over the sixes of "BIEDERMEIR."

That would be the final hand played by "BIEDERMEIR" and the game broke less than half an hour later.

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  • Wiktor Malinowksi scooped one of the biggest pots of the night following a three-way all-in.

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