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If you haven't yet become acclimated with Wesley Fei, a crypto millionaire on Hustler Casino Live who claims to have only recently began playing poker, a recent PokerNews Podcast is a must listen.

Wesley, as he's referred to more frequently on the live-stream, has become one of the big stars of the growing Hustler Casino Live, a Los Angeles area livestream show that has over 110,000 YouTube subscribers in just 10 months on the air.

Star of the Show

While Garrett Adelstein is and always will be the biggest star of the show, there are a number of other entertaining characters that play loose and keep the game fun for the viewers. One of those individuals is Fei, who has quite the interesting story, which he shared on our recent podcast.

"I have a crypto hedge fund and crypto primary fund, so I invest a lot," Flan said on the PokerNews Podcast. "I also do Bitcoin mining. I'm a top 10 trader in the world."

Wesley, 26, has made a killing in crypto and likely could never match those earnings playing poker, but he's become passionate about the game, although he's only played for a few months.

A few months back, as he explained, he was on a train trip in California with a friend heading toward San Francisco and then eventually Chicago. The train was delayed in Berkeley, so he decided to hit up the nearby Oaks Poker Room where he tried out some $1/$2 no-limit hold'em just for fun.

"I knew nothing at the time," Fei said of poker.

Wesley Flan

He learned how to play poker on that day and has since fallen in love with the game, but he certainly isn't a polished product yet. His game has improved since he first appeared on Hustler Casino Live a couple months ago, but he's still susceptible to losing big pots in hands he probably should have folded preflop.

That said, his style of play also helps him win some big pots and go from short stack to massive stack in a matter of moments. A couple weeks ago, he twice spun up a stack on the show, starting with a $10,000 buy-in during one stream in which he cashed out at around $190,000. In one hand, he shipped a $190,000 pot against Adelstein with set over set.

Four days later, he went through $150,000 before rebuying for $50,000, and within barely an hour had run it up to around $460,000. When Wesley has a monster hand, he's almost always going to get paid off just because of his loose table image.
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Playing on Hustler Casino Live

Fei, the founder of Infinite Decentralization Capital (IDC), an investment firm, is taking poker seriously, so much so that he's accepted the fact that you can't rely solely on luck to win.

"I found an online poker player, and he became my poker coach," Flan explains.

His new coach is teaching him how to be more fundamentally sound instead of playing every hand and chasing every draw. He's learning about the importance of balancing his ranges and being less predictable.

A few months back while at Hustler Casino, he noticed a livestream show running and asked the floor manager if he could get in the game. When a player busted, he jumped in with the $8,000 in cash he had on him at the time and gave it a shot. He lost his money quickly but came back another day to play in a $25/$50 game before the show's producers asked him if he'd like to get in a $100/$200 stream coming up. Of course, he obliged.

"I said okay," Wesley said. "For me, the size doesn't matter, I just enjoy the competition of the poker, I don't care. So this money is not too much for me. I said, okay let's play."

"I think I'm good enough to beat most of the players at the table, so I only need a little bit of luck."

The first time he appeared on HCL, he was only three weeks into his poker career. He said he lost $20,000 on the first $100/$200 stream he played, but won $100,000 in the game after the cameras stopped rolling.

Fei said he can tell he's been making progress as a poker player every session. He's now a regular on Hustler Casino Live and one of the most popular players in the game.

"I think I'm good enough to beat most of the players at the table, so I only need a little bit of luck," he claims. "So if I catch the luck, I get the max value every hand. Even the set over set, I get the max value."

Wesley Flan documents his lifestyle on Instagram.
Wesley Flan documents his lifestyle on Instagram @cryptoapprenti1

In the set-over-set hand he's referring to, he had {5-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} up against Adelstein's {4-Diamonds}{4-Clubs} on a board of {5-Hearts}{4-Spades}{j-Clubs}{7-Hearts}{10-Spades}. With about $40,000 in the pot on the river, Adelstein put Wesley all in for $77,000. He, of course, called with a set and won the massive hand. Fei then needled Adelstein, saying he "overplayed" his hand.

"He thinks I'm just a fish and I would call him with ace-jack or something," Flan said of Adelstein's play. "He had the mistake of the over-bet, and I win."

Despite the needle, Wesley said that he and Adelstein are "very friendly."

"He's a gentleman and I like him."

Fei, who resides in the Los Angeles area, plans on continuing to be a regular on Hustler Casino Live, but don't expect to see him this summer in Las Vegas at the 2022 World Series of Poker. He's more of a cash game player and doesn't find tournaments very appealing.

"I have a lot of cash, I can afford," the young crypto enthusiast explained. "In tournaments, I only have one chance."

  • Find out the life story of the rising poker star Wesley Flan, who plays on Hustler Casino Live.

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