Gruneberg, Porter Among Latest Winners in PokerStars PA PSPC Online

PokerStars PA PSPC Online

The 2023 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) underway in The Bahamas has already crowned some big winners, including Isaac Haxton, David Yan, Conor Beresford and Allan Barnes. A thousand miles north, there have also been big winners at PokerStars Pennsylvania in the PSPC Online series that got underway on Jan. 13 and wraps up later today on Jan. 30.

PokerNews highlighted several PSPC Online champions in an earlier article, including $250 NLH Battle Royale champ "deadtosolve" ($8,668) and $500 NLH [High Roller Players Special] winner Zachary "KennytheRipper" Gruneberg ($11,513).

Both Pennsylvanians continued to run hot and found second titles as "deadtosolve" took down Event #44: $100 NLHE [Battle Royale, Progressive KO] for $4,758 and Gruneberg took down Event #54: $250 NLHE [Thursday Thrill, Players Championship Edition] for $10,603.

Read about the early winners during PSPC Online PA

Gruneberg, a PokerStars streamer, has been on a tear to start of the new year.

In addition to crushing on PokerStars PA, the three-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) Circuit ring winner finished second in a $320 Circuit event in January for $5,317, coming just short of getting that Circuit ring.

And while that fourth ring didn't come, Gruneberg now finds himself with two PSPC Online titles. To see "HustlerGrune" in action, check out his Twitch channel.

Zachary Gruneberg
Zachary Gruneberg

The last week of PSPC action has brought some of the biggest winners, such as Event #38: $200 NLHE [Championship Special, 2-Day] champion "soccerdad29," who got through a field of 569 runners to take home $18,712, the biggest piece of the $105,834 prize pool that surpassed the $100,000 guarantee.

After that, Andrew "and_porter" Porter earned $19,503 when he took down Event #40: $1,000 NLHE [Championship High Roller Special], which generated $79,800 in prize money to push past the $75,000 guarantee. Porter himself is a bit of an online crusher as he is the owner of one WSOP bracelet and three Circuit rings.

Those aren't the only guarantees that have been smashed as every event so far as there hasn't been a single overlay so far in Pennsylvania. Event #52: $100 NLHE [Storm, 6-Max], for example, generated $29,560 to pass the $25,000 guarantee before "Jpuma97" took home the top prize of $5,547.

PSPC Online
PSPC Online

Other big PSPC Online winners in Pennsylvania include Michael "fubadbeatbob" McNicholas, who took down Event #34: $2550 NLHE [Deepstack Saturday, Players Championship Edition] for $7,069, as well as "dbrinker," who shipped Event #46: $250 NLHE [Super Tuesday, Players Championship Edition] for $10,921.

There are still a few days left to hop into the online action as PokerStars PA PSPC Online wraps up on Jan. 30. Be sure to hop on to get a piece of those guaranteed prize pools.

A full list of PokerStars PA PSPC Online winners is available in the table below.

2023 PokerStars PA PSPC Online Winners So Far

DateTournamentGTDEntriesPrize PoolWinnerPrize
Jan. 13Event #1: $50 NLHE Turbo [Series Warm Up]$15,000452$20,566"Horsedick187"$3,693
Jan. 13Event #2: $10 NLH Turbo [Mini Warm Up]$5,000802$7,298"Hunt Son 1"$906
Jan. 13Event #3: $30 HORSE [Mixed Game Warm Up]$2,500145$3,959"BadMove69"$570
Jan. 14Event #4: $20 NLH [Afternoon Warm Up]$5,000388$7,061"St4v"$1,286
Jan. 14Event #5: $100 NLH [Big Kickoff]$40,000525$48,195"TallTalent1"$8,521
Jan. 14Event #6: $20 NLH [Mini Kickoff]$10,000757$13,777"zj1393"$2,102
Jan. 15Event # 7: $50 NLH [Marathon]$15,000445$20,248"wcg1016"$3,636
Jan. 15Event #8: $100 NLH [Players Championship Sunday Special]$75,000877$80,509"Thicc Rick"$10,905
Jan. 15Event #9: $10 NLH [Players Championship Sunday Special]$10,0001279$11,639"$urplusV4lue"$1,643
Jan. 15Event #10: $500 NLH [High Roller Players Special]$50,000110$51,700Zach "KennytheRipper" Gruneberg$11,513
Jan. 15Event #11: $50 NLH [Sunday Second Chance, Progressive KO]$12,500322$14,651"Schwibbs1"$2,782
Jan. 15Event #12: $30 NLH [Bounty Builder Adrenaine]$7,500256$7,500Jeff "TheSwagWagoon" Stellwagon$1,046
Jan. 16Event #13: $250 NLH [Battle Royale, Players Championship Edition]$35,000200$46,600"deadtosolve"$8,668
Jan. 16Event #14: $10 NLH [Turbo Battle]$4,000591$5,378"greg717pa"$848
Jan. 16Event #15: #50 PLO8 [PLO8]$7,500166$7,553"garbanzoprince"$1,528
Jan. 16Event #16: $30 NLH [Heads-Up Zoom, Progressive Total KO]$7,500322$8,791"tonecapone3434"$1,757
Jan. 17Event #17: $200 NLHE [Freezeout]$20,000122$22,692"superdonkeydave"$4,974
Jan. 17Event #18: $10 NLH [Turbo, Zoom]$4,000574$5,223"Dyska21"$922
Jan. 17Event #19: $100 NLH [Super Tuesday]$30,000395$36,261"TJ112298"$6,604
Jan. 17Event #20: $30 NL 5-Card Draw$2,00092$2,512"hsbbpo"$613
Jan. 18Event #21: $250 NLH [Storm, Players Championship Edition]$30,000164$38,212"MarcZumoff"$7,730
Jan. 18Event #22: $10 NLH [$10 Storm Turbo]$4,000577$5,251"TheBigSlick74"$927
Jan. 18Event #23: $100 NLH [9-Max]$20,000304$27,907"mlf5135"$4,467
Jan. 18Event #24: $30 PLO [Progressive KO, PLO]$5,000285$7,781"TegridyFarm$"$1,682
Jan. 19Event #25: $10 NLH [Turbo Stacks, Progressive KO]$4,0006045496"Mufftetus"$1,023
Jan. 19Event #26: $50 NLH [4-Max Stacks]$10,000307$13,969"HodorHodorHodor"$2,144*
Jan. 19Event #27: $100 NLH [Thursday Thrill]$30,000411$37,730"MDD-POW"$7,433
Jan. 19Event #28: $30 Razz [Razz]$2,500107$2,921"UcheckEYEbet"$620*
Jan. 20Event #29: $100 [PLO]$10,000141$12,944"randd10"$2,731
Jan. 20Event #30: $100 NLHE [Friday Night Fiht, Progressive KO]$20,000337$30,937"shipitall420"$6,514
Jan. 20Event #31: $10 NLHE [Turbo Flight, Progressive KO]$4,000637$5,797"Thiskid117"$842
Jan. 20Event #32: $30 NLHE [Zoom, Progressive KO]$6,000342$9,337"iSquirt1"$1,830
Jan. 21Event #33: $10 NLHE [Players Championship Big $10]$4,000514$4,677"Ohtobeme426"$832
Jan. 21Event #34: $2550 NLHE [Deepstack Saturday, Players Championship Edition]$30,000146$34,018Michael "fubadbeatbob" McNicholas$7,069
Jan. 21Event #35: $100 NLHE [Deepstack Turbo]$20,000225$20,655"CleggsOnGG"$4,028
Jan. 21Event #36: $30 NLHE [Mini Deepstack Saturday]$10,000425$11,603"Law_RK"$2,084
Jan. 22Event #37: $30 NLHE [Sunday Warm Up, Progressive KO Edition]$7,5005555$15,152"HuddyHeff2020"$2,287
Jan. 22Event #38: $200 NLHE [Championship Special, 2-Day]$100,000569$105,834"soccerdad29"$18,712
Jan. 22Event #39: $20 NLHE [Championship Mini Special]$15,000871$15,852"TurboNSX1031"$2,635
Jan. 22Event #40: $1,000 NLHE [Championship High Roller Special]$75,00084$79,800Andrew "and_porter" Porter$19,503
Jan. 22Event #41: $30 NLHE [Hyper-Turbo, Progressive Total KO, Bounty Builder]$7,500317$8,939"rfund9601"$1,293
Jan. 23Event #42: $50 NLHE [6-Max Stacks]$12,500281$12,786"Lionheart0923"$2,222*
Jan. 23Event #43: $10 NLHE [Turbo, Progressive Total KO, $10 TKO Turbo]$4,000499$4,541"Maxlorenz919"$776
Jan. 23Event #44: $100 NLHE [Battle Royale, Progressive KO]$25,000284$26,071"deadtosolve"$4,758
Jan. 23Event #45: $30 NLHE [Turbo]$7,000288$7,862"Schwibbs1"$1,491
Jan. 24Event #46: $250 NLHE [Super Tuesday, Players Championship Edition]$40,000243$56,619"dbrinker"$10,921
Jan. 24Event #47: $10 NLHE [Turbo, $10 Turbo Tuesday]$4,000613$5,578"elmicory"$983
Jan. 24Event #48: $100 8-GAME [8-Game]$7,500107$9,823"cooooooch"$1,896
Jan. 24Event #49: $30 NLHE [Progressive KO, Big Stack]$10,000497$13,568"zj1393"$2,014
Jan. 25Event #50: $50 NLHE [Stacks Freezeout]$10,000251$11,421"yahtzeeb0Y"$2,203
Jan. 25Event #51: $10 NLHE [$10 Adrenaline]$4,000502$4,568"RobRaises"$811
Jan. 25Event #52: $100 NLHE [Storm, 6-Max]$25,000322$29,560"Jpuma97"$5,547
Jan. 25Event #53: $30 [5-Card PLO]$3,500136$3,713"Paule_Card$"$783
Jan. 26Event #54: $250 NLHE [Thursday Thrill, Players Championship Edition]$40,000243$56,619Zach "KennytheRipper" Gruneberg$10,603
Jan. 26Event #55: $10 NLHE [$10 Turbo Thrill, Progressive KO]$4,000561$5,105"cancun1122"$774
Jan. 26Event #56: $50 NLHE [Zoom]$17,500337$17,500"TheBigSlick74"$3,284

*Denotes final table deal

  • Read about the latest winners in the PokerStars PA PSPC Online series that wraps up on January 30.

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