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Kara Scott

888poker Ambassador Kara Scott recently shared some top tips for playing your first live poker tournament but has now turned her attention to the virtual felt, highlighting the fantastic features on the revamped 888poker Mobile App.

The app allows you to play wherever and whenever you want because it is poker that is literally in the palm of your hand. So, look at the video below and finish the article to become an expert in navigating and using the app.

General Settings

General Settings

So when you first open up the app, you're on the home screen. Your general settings are in the top left-hand corner, where the yellow circle above is.

This is where you can sort out your settings, deposit money, and set up the look and sound of your games, among other features, to truly tailor your experience.

Home Menu

Home Menu

There are six poker selections in the home menu, and by clicking the 'i' icon on each screen gives you some information about the game.

If you were to press the Blast icon, you get taken to all the Blast game lobbies, which is the site's version of Spin and Go Poker. If you want to try another game type, you can seamlessly go to that section by swiping through the tabs up top or hitting the home button to take you back to the main page.

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Snap Poker

Snap Poker

The fast fold poker cash game on 888poker is called Snap Poker. You can see the filters at the top, which allow you to find precisely what you are looking for, or you can scroll down through the options to find what game you want.

The table will tell if the Snap game you are looking at is either Pot-Limit Omaha or Push-Fold, and if it doesn't say either of those, it is a regular No Limit Hold'em Snap table. You can also check how many players are in the pool for that particular Snap game.

Once you've found a Snap game you want to hop into, you can play on more tables by clicking the table with the '+' icon found at the top of your screen. You can play on up to four tables on the mobile app and easily navigate the tables you're playing on by clicking on the table you want to see. Or the tables will pop up when the action is on you.

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Tournament Lobby

tournament lobby

The tournament lobby has a ton of games at all times, and the 888poker mobile app is one of the best destinations for 24/7 Poker.

Due to the number of tournaments on offer, you will want to use the filters to narrow your options to find exactly what you want.

You can use the slider to select which buy-ins you want to play and choose the game types and categories you want to see.

Also, as 888poker has become the virtual home for Mystery Bounty tournaments, that game type has its own tournament section where you can perform all of the above actions to find the Mystery bounty tournament that is perfect for you.

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Cash Games

Cash Games

The poker cash games on the 888poker mobile app are split into two lobbies, one for Hold'em and the other for PLO.

You can use the buy-in slider to find the stakes you want to play at, and each lobby will also tell you what the minimum buy-in for each stake is and how big the tables are.

Other Features

Other features

The 888poker mobile app allows you to play poker whenever you like on your mobile phone. You can access all your gifts, surprises and bonuses on the app. You can also head to the 'Winner Spinner' for your daily whirl to see what rewards you can win.

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Now is the perfect time to join 888poker. If you have not already done so, remember to download 888poker via PokerNews and create your free account.

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  • If you haven't done so already, you need to check out the 888poker Mobile App. Take a look at the app walkthrough from Ambassador Kara Scott.

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