Luxon Pay Launches the Much Requested Luxon Pay Mastercard

Luxon Pay Mastercard

Luxon Pay customers have greater flexibility than ever before over how they access and use their funds with the launch of the Luxon Pay Mastercard. The Luxon Pay Mastercard is a physical debit card available to residents of the United Kingdom and countries in the European Union, enabling users to spend currencies within their Luxon Pay wallet while taking advantage of competitive exchange rates simultaneously.

The Luxon Pay Mastercard comes in a sleek, modern design, making it stand out in any user's wallet. Applying for the Luxon Pay Mastercard is easily done through the Luxon Pay app. In addition to receiving a physical Luxon Pay Mastercard, users can immediately use their card to make online purchases by viewing their card details within the Luxon Pay app.

Managing Director of Luxon Pay, Tom Waters, is delighted deliver the company's promise on launching a physical card, the number one request from Luxon Pay's vast customer base.

Tom Waters
Luxon Pay Managing Director, Tom Waters

"The introduction of the Luxon Pay Mastercard greatly adds to the potential of Luxon Pay and what it can provide for the customer base. Adding a card to the wallet was the number one item requested for our customers and I'm delighted that we have been able to deliver this feature for them."

"In today's remote working and global travel age, the Luxon Pay Mastercard will position itself as a crucial payment tool for our travelling customer base. Luxon Pay users can not only deposit and withdraw from the world's leading gaming sites and buy into live poker events, but also now spend their balance globally with the Luxon Pay Mastercard."

The Luxon Pay Mastercard supports ATM withdrawals, online spending, and supports contactless payments; customers can fully manage their card via the Luxon Pay app, which can be downloaded via the Google Play store for Android users or the App Stoe for iOS users.

What is Luxon Pay?

Luxon Pay is a digital wallet, often called an eWallet in gaming circles, where users can hold balances in over 30 currencies. The ability to store and spend money in multiple currencies has resulted in Luxon Pay's popularity among poker players soar, particularly those who frequent the live poker scene. Exchange rates are updated every ten minutes, with currency exchange fees varying dependant on your VIP level.

Users can send and request money from friends and family members around the world without any associated fees.

The addition of the Luxon Pay Mastercard makes it easier than ever to access fund stored in your Luxon Pay wallet. Suppose you are in France and want to buy something from a store. You can convert all or some of your Luxon Pay balance to euros and use your Luxon Pay Mastercard wherever you see the famous Mastercard logo.

Are Luxon Pay Fees Low?

Luxon Pay prides itself on offering its customers low fees for accessing its financial services. The fees are low for Standard VIP level members, and often waved for the higher-tier VIPs; there are four Luxon Pay VIP levels.

Check the table below for a snapshot of some of the fees that apply to the various VIP levels.

Merchant deposits required per quarter€0€3,000-€9,999€10,000-€29,999€30,000+
Bank deposits into Luxon PayNo feeNo feeNo feeNo fee
Debit card deposits into Luxon PayFees may applyNo feeNo feeNo fee
Alternative payments into Luxon PayFees may applyFees may applyFees may applyFees may apply
Instant transfers to other Luxon Pay usersNo feeNo feeNo feeNo fee
Currency exchange2% fee1% fee0.5% feeNo fee
Deposits to merchantsNo feeNo feeNo FeeNo fee
Withdrawals from merchantsNo feeNo feeNo feeNo fee
Order physical card£20£20No feeNo fee
Spending abroad2% fee1.5% fee1% fee0.5% fee
ATM withdrawals1% fee1% fee1% fee1% fee
Bank withdrawals (UK)€10 feeNo feeNo feeNo fee
Bank withdrawals (SEPA)€10 feeNo feeNo feeNo fee
Bank withdrawals (SWIFT)€20 fee€20 feeNo feeNo fee

Luxon Pay is not currently available in the United States. Should that change, you will hear about it first right here at PokerNews.

  • Luxon Pay launches the Luxon Pay Mastercard. Learn all about it at PokerNews.

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