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Your Mission? Become the Mission Master at Betfair Poker!

Betfair Mission Master

Players on Betfair Poker are in with a chance of winning up to €1,000 thanks to the new Mission Master promotion this month.

From now until the end of May, completing daily missions unlocks players spins on either the 'Mission' or 'Master' Wheel, with prizes ranging from general tournament tickets up to a grind prize of €1,000.

Daily Missions

Missions range from winning Twisters, Betfair Poker's exciting three-handed jackpot sit & go to getting dealt certain hands while playing at the table.

Here are some examples of missions you have to complete:

  • Get Dealt {a-}{a-} whilst playing Twister (Minimum buy in €2)
  • Reach the Flop 50 times on cash game tables
  • Get Dealt {a-}{j-} on cash game tables
  • Flop 3 of a kind (while holding a pair in your hand) on cash game tables
  • Win with {10-}{10-} on cash game tables

By opting in via the Missions tab in the Betfair Poker software and completing these missions, you win spins on the wheels and winning any of the prizes mentioned below! Prizes are awarded instantly once won, with players able to win one random reward per player per day. Spins on the prize wheel and tickets expire 7 days after having been issued.

Betfair Poker Mission Wheel

PrizeValueTotal value% Chance
“General €100 Ticket (7-day)”€ 100.00€ 2,0000.28%
“General €50 Ticket (7-day)”€ 50.00€ 2,5000.69%
“General €5 Ticket (7-day)”€ 5.00€ 7502.08%
“General €1 Ticket (7-day)”€ 1.00€ 1,00013.85%
“General €0.50 Ticket (7-day)"€ 0.50€ 3,00083.10%

Betfair Poker Master Wheel

PrizeValueTotal Value% Chance
€1,000 Cash€ 1,000.003,000 €0.03%
“General €100 Ticket (7-day)”€ 100.005,000 €0.47%
“General €50 Ticket (7-day)”€ 50.0010,000 €1.86%

Sign Up To Betfair Poker Today

If you want to win big in Twister Poker and in the Twister Races, you will obviously need an account at Betfair Poker.

Don't worry if you don't already have an account as we have your back with an amazing welcome package.

Simply download Betfair Poker via PokerNews and you will get to spin the special welcome wheel where the top prize is €10,000 cash once you have created a poker nickname in the Betfair Poker software.

PrizeNumber of prizes being offered
€10,000 cash1
€20 Twister tickets400
€10 Twister tickets500
€5 Twister tickets1,400
€2 Twister tickets5,000
€1 Twister ticket35,000
€0.50 Twister ticket65,000

In addition, special easy-to-complete poker missions are unlocked once you’ve made your first deposit. Complete them and you’ll receive a spin on the Platinum Bonus Wheel, with more spins awarded for each mission you complete. This special wheel makes it possible to win up to €2,500 cash.

PrizeNumber of prizes being offered
€2,500 cash1
€1,000 cash2
€100 cash50
€10 cash150
€5 Age of the Gods Twister ticket200
20 Age of the Gods free spins3,000
€1 cash20,000
€1 Twister ticket20,000
€0.50 Wild Twister ticket40,000
  • Become the Mission Master and win up to €1,000 on Betfair Poker

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