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Would You Like a Free WSOP Poker Chip Set? Here’s How

WSOP free poker chip set

There are few things as enjoyable as playing poker with friends. Sitting around a table, riffling chips, and pitching cards. Home games are joyous occasions.

You have the chance to add a touch of class to your live poker playing thanks to the WSOP app. Fifteen WSOP app players will win a fantastic poker chip set for free.

WSOP Poker Box

The special WSOP poker box includes:

  • A WSOP branded case
  • 300 clay chips
  • Two decks of cards
  • A dealer chip

These awesome poker boxes are being randomly given away to 15 lucky players who play in at least one of the three action-packed 2020 WSOP Fall Series tournaments that are in the WSOP app’s lobby right now.

Get ready for the 2020 WSOP Fall Series

Learn more about the awesome 2020 WSOP Fall Series where you can win WSOP rings, a WSOP bracelet, and a free WSOP chip set

All you need to do to be in with a shot of bagging yourself one of these free poker boxes is to enter at least one of the WSOP Fall Series events, namely Prestige, Legacy, or Ultimate. These tournaments, like the WSOP cash games, are completely free to enter plus they make it possible to win a WSOP ring and a WSOP bracelet!

A pop-up appears when you have entered one of the qualifying tournaments to confirm your entry into the free draw. Fifteen lucky players will be pulled from the random draw, each receiving a poker box worth $100.

Win a Virtual WSOP Bracelet in the 2020 Fall Series

What Is The 2020 WSOP Fall Series?

The 2020 WSOP Fall Series revolves around three exciting free-to-play tournaments exclusive to the WSOP app. Winning one of them rewards you with a WSOP ring to display next to your avatar and alias, while triumphing in all three sees you reel in a virtual WSOP bracelet to display to your opponents.

The Prestige tournament is played using the Crown Roulette format, which means the deck only contains {9-}, {10-}, {j-}, {q-}, {k-}, and {a-}. You can only call or fold preflop and only fold or go all-in on the flop. It’s a fun format that sees chips flying all over the place.

Get ready for more action when you enter the Legacy because it plays as an all-in or fold tournament. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what you can and can’t do in this event; you move all-in or fold and wait for a better hand.

Let’s hope you’ve won the Prestige and Legacy tournaments because you now have two of the three rings required to lock up a virtual WSOP bracelet. The third tournament is the Ultimate. This tournament’s format is one-on-one, which the WSOP has called Face Off.

One million chips for free!

Start Your WSOP Journey With 1 Million Free Chips

While there’s no financial cost to play in the trio of 2020 WSOP Fall Series tournaments, they do cost chips to enter. Thankfully, you receive 1 million free chips for creating your WSOP account via PokerNews.

Create your free account via our links and 1 million chips will land in your account, giving you a great base bankroll to build from. What’s more, use the bonus code “WSOOOP” and another 300,000 chips are all yours for a total of 1,300,000 free chips.

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Win a Virtual WSOP Bracelet in the 2020 Fall Series Win a Virtual WSOP Bracelet in the 2020 Fall Series