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PartyPoker Rewards Program

Updated Party Rewards Program now offers new levels, better bonus and cash options in the rewards store and MORE ... Up to 50% Cash Back for top earners!

Click to Zoom: Party Poker Rewards Chart
Click to Zoom: Party Poker Rewards Chart

Sign-up, Play and earn big cash Rewards - It's that Simple!:

  • Sign up Via our Exclusive PartyPoker Link -
  • You earn PartyPoints for all your real-money play
  • Your points balance is updated as soon as you leave a game
  • Your PartyPoints can be spent in the PartyPoints Store, which offers a huge variety of great-value items
  • The more points you spend at a time, the greater the value you'll get for them

How to earn your PartyPoints

  • Two PartyPoints for each $1 you pay in cash game rake.
  • Two PartyPoints for each $1 you pay in tournament fees.

You are rewarded with PartyPoints when you play with real money at any of PartyGaming's products:,,, and ($500 PartyCasino Match bonus offer).

Palladium VIP Club

PartyPoker have one of the best VIP / Loyalty schemes in the industry where it is possible to earn the equivalent of 50% rakeback at the highest levels.

All new players start at Bronze level but can quickly work their way to Silver, Gold, Palladium then Palladium Elite. The table below shows the points requirement for each level:

Key LevelPoints Required / MonthPoints Required / Calendar Month
Palladium Elite-40,000

How to spend your PartyPoints

Our store gives you great value. You can enjoy a wide range of great items at low costs, including big-money tournament entries, gift certificates and cash. You can also buy bonuses to get even more from your points.

As you earn points you will be placed in key levels. The more PartyPoints you collect, the higher your key level and the more value you can unlock from our store. Once you reach Party's top key level, Palladium Elite, you can buy bonuses in the store which give you up to $20 back for every 100 points, equating to 40% cash-back.

The higher the level of your key, the more rewards you can unlock in the store. Levels are achieved by earning the required number of PartyPoints during a single month or quarter (see table above). Once you reach a key level, you can immediately unlock rewards available to that key level for the remainder of the month or quarter and the one following it.

To maintain a particular key level, you must earn the required PartyPoints in the following month or quarter in order to stay at that key level or to advance to the next key level.

Get in on the action via the Exclusive PokerNews PartyPoker D/L Link.

PartyPoker Rewards & More!
PartyPoker Rewards & More!