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PokerNews Podcast 526: Marle Cordeiro


Episode 526 closes out the year for The PokerNews Podcast. Sarah Herring and [Removed:139] chat about the poker season coming to a close with the Super High Roller Bowl. Plus, they look ahead at what's to come in 2019.

Then, the latest and possibly most controversial poker vlogger, Marle Cordeiro, joins Sarah for a a tell-all look at her life and her content creation. She opens up about a scam that changed her life, the break-up which led to the vlog and how the poker community has reacted to her jaw-dropping comedy.

Catch the video interview with Sarah and Marle here

Marle Cordeiro's vlog is on YouTube

Show Time Stamps

0:20Intro: Jeff at the break desk for Super High Roller Bowl V
2:00The new (or maybe the old?) Daniel Negreanu put on a show
3:00Negreanu's hero fold against Mikita Badziakouski
4:00Negreanu & Amanda Leatherman are back together!
8:20The season finale of Friday Night Poker: Negreanu, Hellmuth, Ho, Moneymaker, Kassela, Uncle Ron!
10:40Marle Cordeiro joins the show!
12:16She explains her vlog: "I just kind of want to make it more entertainment, and less strategy."
13:40Her "controversial" vlog: "The more people that are unsure, the more hilarious I think it is."
15:15Marle's PSA on tournament poker
18:00Finding her voice: "I think the best thing to do with these kinds of things is to just do it, and then eventually it gets ironed out on its own....naturally, I think it's becoming more and more comedy sketches."
19:20Sarah & Marle discuss the "women in poker" topic/angle
22:20Joey Ingram and Kelly Minkin discussing her vlog
23:30Marle says she called Joey afterwards: "I always want to be honest...I don't think it was a personal attack or even intentional, but just for next time maybe be aware that you're kinda putting us in a dogfight, me and Kelly. I tried to handle it in the best way possible."
25:20Having benefits in poker: "At the end of the day I think there are more pros than cons on being a woman in this industry."
28:00Really going for it in Vegas: "I was kinda going through a hard time in my life...I just started playing more and more. I just got to this point where I was doing well, with a great group of people...and I was like, I'll give this a shot."
30:30The Unicorn that is the Golden Nugget $1/$2 Game: "That game was where I really started to crush, that's my favorite game in Vegas for sure."
31:50What the "reg culture" is like in Vegas? "I think it's important to have your circle. You need to find your people."
33:20Reaction to her vlog: "It's been kinda mixed, but the amount of love is outweighing the negative."
34:20The breakup that was the catalyst for the vlog: "It definitely was the reason why I finally got motivated to make the vlog, and start all these things."
38:00Winning a seat to Solve 4 Why Academy: "I was so hungry to learn...I'm really proud of what they're doing here. They definitely have taught me a lot."
40:20Marle's story of getting scammed: "I don't trust anybody. I'm so ridiculous about it. I'm just so overly cautious now."
45:20Relationships with backers: "It's common and it's great. I think ultimately your goal should be playing on your own money...but it's super common and it's actually relatively easy to get a backer at low stakes."
48:30Random questions with Marle!
58:30Jeff & Sarah recap EPT Prague
59:00Paul Michaelis Wins 2018 EPT Prague Main Event in Three-Way Chop
1:02:20That'll do it for the #PNPod in 2018, Jeff will be in the Bahamas for the PCA for the first episode of 2019!

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  • LISTEN: It's the final PokerNews Podcast of 2018! Marle Cordeiro joins the show.

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