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PokerNews Podcast: Daniel Negreanu


[Removed:139] takes you through the top stories in the poker world, while Sarah Herring lies on the beach at Padre Island!

Jeff breaks down the US Poker Open, diving into an absolutely wild comeback for David Peters. He also takes a look at some tournament results from this last week. Is there a new "power couple" atop poker's list?

Plus, with the St. Jude "Against All Odds" event coming up on Saturday, March 2, Jeff chats with Honorary Chair (and one of poker's biggest superstars) Daniel Negreanu!

Negreanu discusses his relationship with St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and what it means to him.

He also shares his thoughts on the current high-roller scene, tells us why we didn't see him at the US Poker Open, and provides a sneak peek into his WSOP plans. Let's just say his schedule might look a bit different this year.

This week's sponsor: Natural8!

Show Time Stamps

0:20Intro: Sarah is in Padre Island, so Jeff will take this one - and he's coming off working the US Poker Open!
0:45Sponsor: Natural8
1:30David Peters Wins 2019 US Poker Open Main Event and Overall Championship Title
3:00The superstar that is David Peters
4:00The St. Jude "Against All Odds" event, Saturday March 2, at Red Rock. More details here
4:15Daniel Negreanu joins the show!
4:30Negreanu shares his thoughts on the Golden Knights acquiring Mark Stone
6:30His relationship with St. Jude and how it's evolved: "We raise a lot of money for something that's unfortunately a necessity in this country, helping families who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford helping their children with cancer or whatever else they have."
7:50More on what St. Jude does: "They never turn a child away, regardless of how dire the situation is. A kid could come in terminal, no chance, and they still find value with working with that child."
9:00To register for the charity poker tournament: click here
9:30Why he didn't play at the US Poker Open: "I love those type of events, I think they're fantastic. Because it's such a jam-packed schedule, the turn-around time...I just knew going in, that wasn't going to work for me mentally, because I just don't like playing tired, I don't think I'm playing effective, and I just don't enjoy myself."
10:30What makes a poker broadcast entertaining, in his opinion? "The characters at the table...the problem with a lot of broadcasts we have now is, there is no table talk...You typically have now players often automatically taking 25-30 seconds to make every decision. There's a lot more dead air, it's a lot more difficult to watch."
11:30More on the current high-roller climate: "(Amanda and I) would see a tournament happen on the TV, without volume, we'd watch the end, and have no idea who won based off their reaction. Two guys shake hands, they stand next to each other, both look like their dog has died, like they're the saddest person ever because they only won, I don't know, a million dollars or something. And it just doesn't sell. But, listen, I get it, these guys are jaded for the most part. They're playing for big amounts all the time, it's just another day at the office."
13:20Emotion, or lack there of, from players: "You just don't see that in any other sport, right? Even golfers, when they win, you get a fist pump, you get a hat to the crowd, you get something. In a lot of sports, you celebrate. Poker's really strange, we've gone down this path, which is a really unfortunate path, where it's sort of become uncool to become emotional or celebrate."
14:10Would celebrating (running around, pumping your fist) after winning a high-roller tournament be looked at as unsportsmanlike? "I do, I think this culture has somewhat been created to be act like you don't give a f---."
15:00Does he have any desire to go play at Bobby's Room? "Lately, I have, actually...if I have time when there's no hockey, I'll probably get back to playing there sometime this year."
15:30Will his wedding/marriage help his overall WSOP experience? "The great thing about Amanda is she's been in poker a long time, so she gets it. She really understands what it means to be supportive of me during that period...and I can actually talk poker with her."
16:40Plans for the Vlog this summer: "During the World Series, we'll be back full-force, letting people in to a glimpse of my life, that now includes Amanda."
17:20What will be different this WSOP: "I'll let you in on a little possible idea I have going in: I have not played, ever, any of the small buyin, big field, no-limit tournaments, never had an entry in any of those events. I think this year, for a different kind of experience at the WSOP, and just to get more in touch to with what's happening on the lower levels...I think I'm going to go ahead and schedule some of those this year, and give it a shot."
18:00More on jumping in the lower buy-in no-limit hold'em events: "Bottom line is, if you are trying to win Player of the Year, they've changed the format so much, because cashes are so valuable, so if you don't play the small ones, you don't have a chance...So it's a lot of work because now you're talking about in addition to my already packed schedule, adding these, but I think it might be fun, and if not, I'll just stop doing it and just go back to my regular schedule."
19:00Shoutout to Sean Allison, who will be representing the PN Pod at the CSOP event this Saturday!
19:40Poker Couple Ashley Sleeth & Jesse Sylvia Both Capture Titles in Las Vegas
21:40Viet Vo Wins WSOP Circuit Main Event at Rio
22:20Josh Prager Wins LAPC One Million ($227,775)
22:50Alan Widmann & Courtney Gee Among Latest partypoker Team Online Additions
24:00PokerStars’ Turbo Series a Massive Success; $32M Paid Out
24:30Next week, Sarah will be back! (Special shoutout to Maria Ho!)

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