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PokerNews Podcast: PCA Recap with Aleeyah Jadavji


It's another episode of the PokerNews Podcast, featuring a special recap of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

[Removed:139] was in the Bahamas covering the festival, and Sarah Herring chats with Platinum Pass winner Aleeyah Jadavji about an incredible experience at the PokerStars Players Championship.

Plus, Jadavji explains her thought process behind leaving Poker League of Nations. She and Sarah debate some of the methods used by PLON, and what needs to change with poker organizations that are trying to promote the game to women.

Show Time Stamps

0:20Intro: Jeff & Sarah sit down to start the show, but then Sarah learns her truck is stolen. Not a great start to the show!
2:00Sarah brings Aleeyah Jadavji on the show!
4:20Winning the Platinum Pass: "The nomination alone to be in the top five with those amazing was humbling to be on that list...I'm grateful, I really hope that I was at least able to do the media proud."
7:30Aleeyah taking it upon herself to live a healthier lifestyle: "I kinda jumped into it, and I lost the most weight that I've lost, so that was a really proud achievement."
9:20Finding out that she had a cancerous tumor, and how the change in lifestyle might've changed things: "I could've very well saved my own life."
11:20Dealing with setbacks: "Tackle what you can, and don't beat yourself up if you can't tackle everything at once."
14:00Some love from the Facebook chat for Aleeyah
16:20Her experience playing the PSPC: "It was cool, because I ended up running the biggest bluff of my life."
17:20Taking us through a big bluff against Amit Makhija
20:30Playing at the secondary featured table (with Maria Ho): "She comes to me and says 'you're doing really well, your table presence is amazing, keep crushing, good luck.'"
22:20Summing it all up: "The experience was was surreal, I got to meet so many people from around the world."
23:40Shifting from reporter to player: "Honestly, it was a lot of fun."
25:40Crediting PokerStars for the experience they provided Platinum Pass winners with: "They were making us feel like celebrities."
29:20Controversy surrounding the Poker League of Nations: Aleeyah discusses being photoshopped and how that led to her leaving PLON.
32:00Talking with Lena Evans (founder of PLON) about the issue: "We're a women's group, we should be lifting each other up, not bringing each other down."
34:15On Evans's leadership style: "There's so much censorship in this group, she's turning off commenting when people start to have an opinion, clothing restrictions, editing our faces...and excluding members because they're part of other women's groups."
36:20Sarah discusses using Photoshop as a positive tool, or at least a necessary one at times for work.
38:40Aleeyah on her specific Photoshop: "It was a super-drastic was so brutal."
42:40Speaking up for herself more and more: "The old me was a pretty big pushover, I was easily manipulated by friends...I wish I was the person then that I am now."
47:20Women's organizations in poker fighting each other: "I think it defeats the purpose of having groups like this."
51:20Video of Sarah's chat with Aleeyah on Facebook Live
54:40Playing the WSOP Ladies event: "I stone was such a fun event, everyone was on their feet, I had people cheering for me on the bubble."
58:30What's next for Aleeyah
1:04:50[Removed:139] jumps on from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas
1:12:40Next week: Tommy Angelo, and more!

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  • LISTEN: From battling cancer to winning a Platinum Pass, Aleeyah Jadavji takes us through a wild ride

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