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PokerNews Podcast: Who Stole Sarah's Truck?


Sarah Herring and [Removed:139] are back with another episode of the PokerNews Podcast. They immediately dive into the investigation surrounding the theft of Sarah's truck!

Detective Herring is on the case and takes us through what happened. (The truck is back on Herring property, safe and sound.)

Plus, they mix in some poker talk as well. Chino Rheem takes down the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. The Aussie Millions is underway, the World Series of Poker releases more of its schedule, and Sarah and Jeff pay tribute to Gavin Smith.

Tommy Angelo joins the show to fire off some poker strategy advice to the listeners, and Sarah and Jeff announce a... giveaway!!

Show Time Stamps

0:20Intro: Let's get the full story, Sarah's truck was stolen, we dive into the investigation!
8:00PCA Recap: Chino Rheem wins the Main Event
9:30Taking a look at Chino Rheem's career
13:00Third-Place Finisher Scott Wellenbach Donates More Than $600,000 to Charity
16:30The massive boost to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this year
19:45What does the future of the PCA look like?
21:30Jeff Gross takes us through his bustout hand from the $25k PokerStars Players Championship
31:00Ari Engel Wins Second Aussie Millions Ring
32:30Opening Event Draws More Than 1,700 Entries
36:30Comparing the Aussie Millions to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
38:20Sean Munjal Wins Largest Major Poker Tournament in Cleveland History for $140,654
39:30GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! GIVEAWAY! Want a free seat to the CSOP event in Vegas on March 2? Listen for details.
43:00Thomas Kornechuk Wins WSOP Circuit Thunder Valley for $193,439; Denies Brett Murray Back-to-Back Titles
44:00Tommy Angelo joins the show!
45:20"Waiting for Straighters", his new book: "This book is about maintaining consistent pre-flop play and it also goes into great detail about the positional consequences of poker."
48:30Creating so much content: "It's just a fountain, I don't know where it comes from...I don't play as much as I used to, I'm basically writing all the time, and coaching."
49:00Coming up with the word, "straighter"
51:20Blending strategy for NLH and PLO: "The concept is fundamentally about getting yourself in situations where your hand has extra equity."
53:10What's to come on his articles for PokerNews: "I'm writing basically ten articles at the same time, that are all purely about betting strategy."
56:40The value of equity in a hand: "I'm referencing this modern way of thinking about poker. To me, that number doesn't mean anything unless it's a showdown."
59:00The value of "straighters": "If you have a straight and the other guy has two-pair or a set, those are the hands that get paid off the most."
1:00:00Inspiration to create content: "It's because I feel sort of emboldened by the success that my clients have had."
1:01:20Dealing with downswings: "Poker funk shows up in all sorts of forms and all sorts of timeframes."
1:03:00More on Tommy's coaching/products on his website
1:07:302019 WSOP Schedule Almost Finalized
1:08:30Major changes to WSOP NL Hold'em structures, discussing new starting stacks
1:11:40Paying tribute to Gavin Smith
1:14:30Gavin Smith's gofundme Page
1:19:00Next week: Chase Bianchi!

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  • LISTEN: The wild investigation into the theft of Sarah's truck, & a full PCA recap, all on the PN Pod

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