Strategy with Kristy Podcast: Andrew Seidman Discusses Hand Versus Dan O'Brien


Andrew Seidman makes his third appearance on the Strategy with Kristy podcast this week when he catches up with host Kristy Arnett at World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris. After having spent years playing strictly online cash games, he has more recently learned the strategic intricacies of playing tournament poker. He talks about what he's learned so far and also gives his thoughts on a hand he played in the first level of Day 1a versus Dan O'Brien.

Here is a snippet from the interview:

Well, learning to play a 20-big-blind stack or shorter is a bit easier. Your options are very limited. You can get it in or you can not get it in, and that's pretty much it. [Laughs]. But yes, I would say it is easier for cash-game players to move to tournaments, but at the same time, there are some psychological things that cash players don't understand immediately.

We don't understand the context of tournaments. We don't understand how antes affect our decisions. There was one thing I used to see that I thought was really bad at first: when a big blind would defend an open with anything. I would always say, "This isn't limit poker." What matters is what goes in postflop.

When you play cash games 100 big blinds deep, you can't call from the big blind with seven-three suited and have it be profitable post flop. In a tournament, you're operating at 40 big blinds and there are already antes and blinds in the pot. So between the odds you're getting preflop, and the amount of money you can lose behind, plus the fact that ranges get really wide in tournaments when people open in late position, it really does play a little more like limit hold'em. You do need to not fold a lot more. So that was something that was definitely hard for me coming in to tournaments. I definitely folded way to much. Also, I didn't play as aggressive as I should have even though I'm a really loose-aggressive cash player. A lot of these tourney regs who have done this for awhile, they just get it.

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