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Easy to Beat Online Poker Rooms in 2018

Online poker continues to gain in popularity year after year, and 2016 should be no different. If you are new to the online poker world, it is important to understand that not all poker websites offer the same level of competition.

Sites market themselves in many ways, offer different poker games and bonuses, and this in turn attracts a specific type of player to their virtual tables.

Let's take a look at the easiest poker sites available right now. If you prefer, you can just skip to the sites below to get started.

Easy Poker Sites. The easiest poker sites tend to be those with a large number of users. There’s a simple reason for this: the more users there are on a site, the more likely it is that the people you are playing against are new to online poker, or at least inexperienced. These types of players are prone to making basic mistakes, which you can capitalize on, and build your stack quickly in tournaments, or netting yourself a tidy profit in cash games.

The so-called easiest poker rooms typically have a casino or sports betting offering in addition to poker. These pure gambling products attract weaker poker players to the tables, creating some of the best poker games online.

Since the level of competition is typically lower on these easy poker sites, you need to leverage your abilities as much as possible to maximize your overall winnings. To do this, it is critical to select poker sites that offer multi-tab functionality so you can play numerous hands at one time.

This is not the World Series of Poker where you play one game and spend the majority of your time waiting for the other players to make decisions. You want to be popping back and forth between games to make your moves. You want to play against weak players as much as possible — remember what we said about them making frequent mistakes? — in order to increase your chances of walking away with profit from your poker game.

Before you rush off to start playing, it is important to understand there are a few downsides to spending time on the easiest poker sites.

One major downside is that playing a poker game frequented by mostly rank amateurs may seem like heaven when you are winning, but you may find that your skill level either does not increase, or increases slower than expected, because you are not being tested, and are simply hoovering up the chips of the weak players.

Another is playing against inexperienced players can be frustrating, not least because they will often appear to be getting lucky by hitting some weird and wonderful hands due to not following basic strategy such as playing quality starting hands.

Be aware that the best poker game for your profits is not necessarily the best poker game for your overall development as a poker player.

Ready to start? The easiest poker sites for 2016 are:

Strategies for easy poker sites

Poker sites are a lot like cars. One person might prefer a large and substantial SUV, while another prefers a small sports car with great maneuverability. The same can be said for easy poker sites: some have lots of games, players and options, while others are smaller and more intimate with fewer games going on at one time.

It is important that before you settle on a “favorite” online poker site, you try a number of different rooms to get a feel for their games, options and offers. See if they spread a variety of different poker games, or if they focus on offering only the most popular poker games.

Texas hold'em, particularly no-limit hold'em, is the best poker game for new players to learn. Why? Because there is so much information out there about this poker game, and it is often shown on television, so new players flock to it when they first try online poker.

Less popular poker games, such as 2-7 Triple Draw, or fixed-limit Omaha hi/low, are usually frequented by players dedicated to learning the game, improving their game, as they are quite specialized. You are more like to find easy online poker games at the no-limit hold'em or pot-limit Omaha tables than you are at a seven-card stud table; that is not to say easy poker games don't exists in the less popular games, they are just a little harder to find on a regular basis.

Finally, the key to becoming a success at online poker is to continually work on your game. Test yourself and don't fall into the trap of remaining a big fish in a small pond. One way to improve your poker skills, and therefore start thinking every site has easy poker rooms, is to head to the PokerNews strategy section where you will find hundreds of articles and videos about all aspects and variants of poker games.

Try each of the sites and then list them from the easiest poker site to the most difficult, based on your experience. Don't forget to note what you like and dislike about a site because a site may have many weak opponents for you to play in your favorite poker games, but the software is enough to put you on tilt after 20-minutes. Likewise, a site may look superb, but doesn't offer anything other than the most popular poker games, which is bad news if you prefer playing one of the more obscure poker games available.

As your skill level increases, move to a new site with a higher level of competition. Repeat this process each time you master a site and you’ll eventually be ready to play with the big boys and begin raking in big wins, but easy poker sites are where it all begins, and where you should lay solid foundations for the rest of your poker career to be built on.