Learn From the Best with 888poker's Chris Moorman's Top Beginner Poker Tips

888poker Chris Moorman Online poker strategy tips

It's not every day that you get the chance to learn from an online poker legend. But 888poker Ambassador Chris Moorman certainly ranks as one.

Arguably the most successful online poker player in history, Moorman was the first player to reach $10 million in earnings and now sits with an eye-watering $16.6 million according to PocketFives.

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Learn from the Best

Chris recently took time out of his busy schedule to give 888poker players some advice on how to succeed in the world of online poker. Here are seven tips that he explains will lead to greater levels of success.

1. Strong Fundamentals Win the Money

Learning some basic poker maths and having a strong grasp of the basic fundamentals will likely result in long-term profits.

2. Manage Your Bankroll

Don't run the risk of going broke by taking too many big shots. Play a decent amount of lower buy-in events to help reduce variance.

3. Keep Your Emotions Under Control

Make sure you are in the right frame of mind to play in order to have any chance of winning consistently.

4. Study in Detail

As the author of Moorman's Book of Poker, Moorman is no stranger to studying. Read every single poker book you can get your hands on and don't be afraid to meet with poker friends to discuss poker strategy together.

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Chris Moorman Wins the £2,200 High Roller

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

You're not going to get better overnight. Consider playing micro-stakes tournaments in order to develop good poker instincts before moving onwards and upwards.

6. Game Selection

Identify opponents and games where you are likely to have an edge over your opponents. The more we know about our opponents, the more we will know how to correct play against them.

7. Play to Win!

Chris says he's only ever had one goal when playing online poker tournaments - to win. Focus on your competitive spirit and give it everything you've got.

Head to the 888poker website to read the advice in full from Chris Moorman!

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  • Moorman has seven beginner tips on how to start your poker journey off right!

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888poker Unveils NEW Tournament Collection; Over $200,000 in Tickets to Be Won! 888poker Unveils NEW Tournament Collection; Over $200,000 in Tickets to Be Won!