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CardRunners Training: Rick “Rask88” Mask Plays $500NL 6-Max. Zoom

Today CardRunners instructor Rick “Rask88” Mask returns from a hiatus to share a new video featuring him sitting down at three tables of short-handed $2/$5 Zoom on PokerStars. As Mask explains at the start of the video, a lot of his advice here should be beneficial to micro- and low-stakes players looking for help as try to make a move up in limits.

Notice right off the top a hand in which Mask explains why calling a raise from the blinds in a multi-way pot isn’t always recommended even with especially inviting pot odds, a mistake he sees a lot of lower-stakes players making. Other topics covered include bet-sizing when open-raising before the flop and factors affecting continuation betting. Take a look:

To see the rest of this video series or for more training videos, head over to and take advantage of a seven-day free trial.

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