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Daniel Marks Discusses Three-Betting in Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Cash Games

CardRunners instructor Daniel Marks, better known as "Markuis," began playing poker in six-max no-limit hold'em cash games, but has switched to almost exclusively heads-up. He teaches students his specialty by commentating on his play while recording a live session. In this featured teaser, Marks is playing four tables of heads-up no-limit hold'em at stakes of $1/$2 with a $200 maximum buy-in.

Marks talks about a specific opponent he is playing against, "ADZ1122," and says that he calls reraises very often. Because his opponent is calling with a high frequency, that means his hands include many non-premium holdings. An adjustment that Marks makes is that he will reraise with more hands that have value such as big cards. "I'll reraise him with hands like king-ten offsuit and even queen-ten offsuit. I'm looking for hands that can flop good top pairs against a player who is calling too many three-bets."

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