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Jonathan Little's Mini-Webinar Bundle Sale

Jonathan Little's Mini-Webinar Bundle Sale
  • For a limited time, get 30 mini-webinars at a huge discount in @JonathanLittle's bundle sale.

Two-time World Poker Tour champion Jonathan Little has produced some of the very best poker training materials over the years.

Now, for a limited time, PokerNews readers can get a bundle of 30 mini-webinars (a $570 value) from Jonathan Little for just $97!

Each mini-webinar is approximately 30 minutes long, and covers a very specific poker topic.

Here’s the full list of mini-webinars that are included in this bundle:

  1. Small Blind Limped Pot Strategies
  2. Combating Random Ranges
  3. Interpreting Various Bet Sizes
  4. Pot Odds
  5. How to Play Various Hands
  6. Crushing Limpers
  7. Seat Selection
  8. Playing Draws
  9. Playing a Short Stack
  10. Dealing with Donk Bets
  11. 3-Betting After a Raise and Callers
  12. Counting Combinations and Evaluating Blockers
  13. When to Raise Top Pair on the Flop
  14. When to Fold Top Pair
  15. Money Issues
  16. Member Hand History Review
  17. Responding to Check-Raises
  18. Small Blind Strategy
  19. Analyzing Through a Typical Hand
  20. Realizing Equity, A-K, and Backing
  21. Common Limped Pot Situations
  22. Defending the Blinds
  23. Reacting to Leads
  24. Short Stacked Concepts
  25. When to C-Bet Based on Board Texture
  26. 3-Betting Concepts
  27. Playing Small Pairs
  28. Gathering Information
  29. Playing Sets
  30. Playing with Weak Players

For a limited time, you can watch Jonathan’s mini-webinar called "Leveraging Your Stack" for free by visiting:

Jonathan Little has established himself as one of the top poker pros, with more than $6.7 million in live tournament winnings, another $1 million online, two World Poker Tour titles and WPT Player of the Year honors, so he's arguably one of the best poker pros who is also willing to share his knowledge to help others.

Whether you want to brush up on tournaments or cash games, or both, this is the perfect way for you to improve your game without having to spend thousands of dollars on coaching.

This sale ends on July 15, so do yourself a favor and pick up this bundle of 30 mini-webinars while you can.

Jonathan Little is a professional poker player and author with over $6,700,000 in live tournament earnings. He writes a weekly educational blog and hosts a podcast at You can follow him on Twitter @JonathanLittle.

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