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Three Ways to Respond Versus a Table Full of Limpers

What's the best approach versus a table full of limpers? Here are three ways of responding, all of which involve taking advantage of others' passivity.

Understanding When and Why You Should Check-Raise

Felipe Ramos breaks down a hand from the EPT Prague Main Event that helps show how to employ the check-raise successfully in no-limit hold'em.

How to Extract Maximum Value with a Winning Hand

Two-time WPT champ and EPT winner Mohsin Charania explains.

Three Simple Tactics You Can Use (Against Relatively Simple Players)

Poker author Ashley Adams discusses some relatively simple no-limit hold'em moves that work against less experienced opponents.

Five Factors to Consider When Blind Stealing in Tournaments

An important element of a successful tournament strategy.

How to Identify Aggressive vs. Passive Players at the Table

Players' betting actions and other behaviors at the table often give away whether they are aggressive or passive players, explains poker pro Danny Tang.

Jonathan Little Flops Set But Faces Shove on Straight Board

Jonathan Little reviews a tourney hand in which he flops a set, but an opponent bets all three streets including shoving the river with a straight possible.

Hand Analysis with Aussie Millions Champ Ari Engel

Ari Engel provides an interesting and fun hand analysis of a memorable hand he played with Eric Afriat at the WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown.

5 Ways Small Stakes Poker Players Prevent Themselves from Winning

Many poker players, especially among the lower stakes, are their own worst enemies when it comes to improving their games and learning how to profit.

Your Opponent Is a Maniac: How Far Do You Go With Pocket Jacks?

Normally you want to avoid huge all-in confrontations with pocket jacks, but if your opponent is a maniac you may have to rethink, says Jonathan Little.

Hand Analysis: Chris Moorman Explains a Bluff Gone Wrong

888Poker Ambassador Chris Moorman analyzes a High Roller hand in which he tried a triple-barrel bluff from out of position with king-high.

How Wide of a Range Do You Call All In Against a Tight Opponent?

Jonathan Little reviews a hand from a European Poker Tour Main Event involving deep stacks, premium starting hands, and a lot of preflop reraising.

Advice from Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald: "This Doesn't Work Live!"

Alex "Assassinato" Fitzgerald explains how to go about assessing and using opponents' ranges when playing live -- it's not as hard as you might think.

Third Level Thinking: Recognizing Your Image and Exploiting It Profitably

Ashley Adams continues to discuss "third level thinking," advising players to notice how their image appears to others, then to exploit that impression.

Hand Review: Getting Creative Early in a Tournament

Mo Nuwwarah breaks down an early hand he played in a WSOP Circuit Main Event where he chose to take a creative line and it paid off.

MTT Strategy: How to Make Poker Tournaments Profitable

An overview of our "10 Multi-Table Tournament Tips" series covering a wide range of topics including help with the early, middle, and late stages of MTTs.

Can You Still Win in Small Stakes Poker Games With a Tight Style of Play?

The "loose-aggressive" style has become popular and fashionable, but can you still profit in small stakes games by playing tight? Yes, says Nathan Williams.

Hand Analysis: How Esfandiari Beat Negreanu with the Worst Hand

Antonio Esfandiari analyzes a Super High Roller Bowl hand he played versus Daniel Negreanu in which "The Magician" successfully bluffed all in on the river.

Five Considerations When Playing Against Novice Players in Home Games

Ashley Adams offers advice for playing versus new, inexperienced players in home games -- you want to win, but you want to keep them happy and playing, too.

Davidi Kitai on How to Play Against Small Stacks in Tournaments

On a break amid a deep run in the EPT Malta Main Event, Belgian pro Davidi Kitai spoke with PokerNews about strategy when playing against shorter stacks.