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Tag: aggression

Why You Shouldn't Continuation Bet So Much

Raising preflop doesn't mean you *have* to continuation bet, explains Dominik Nitsche.

Hand Review: Bluff All In With Trips on Board?

Mo Nuwwarah starts to set up a triple-barrel bluff, but gets raised after barrel No. 1.

10-2 on the Money Bubble: What Do You Do Here?

You have a weak hand, but you're chip leader. Fold or get aggressive? LearnWPT weighs in.

Jonathan Little Splashes Around From the Button

The poker pro and author thinks he could have played this hand differently -- and better.

Fighting Fire With Fire in WSOP Tournaments (and High-Ante Cash Games)

More advice from Ashley Adams about how to use aggression to battle over stud pots.

Stud Strategy: Ante Stealing on Third Street

Ashley Adams shares strategies for stealing those antes in seven-card stud.

Stud Strategy: Third Street Aggression With the Second-Best Hand

Raising on third street with second-best in stud? Here's why it can be a good strategy.

A Preflop Question: Is Limping Lame?

We're told limping preflop is bad. But that's not always so in low-stakes live cash games.

WSOP Preparation: Stud Strategy - Why Aggression Makes Sense

The 2017 WSOP is just over a month away. Time to brush up on non-hold'em games like stud.

Cooke's Corner: Reviewing Some Poker Basics

Understanding conceptual fundamentals like expected value is key, explains Roy Cooke.

Bet or Check After Top Pair Becomes Full House?

An exercise in range-reading in this hand analysis from Jonathan Little.

Could You Fold the Second Nuts? A Tricky River Decision

Jonathan Little backdoors the second-nut flush, but his opponent is betting big.

Big Stack Strategy in Tournaments with Daniel Negreanu

When the big stack, do you have to play the bully? The Team PokerStars Pro has answers.

Take Full Advantage of Reverse Implied Odds

Learn how to get value those times when your opponent sticks around with second-best.

How to Qualify for PokerStars Live Events Via Spin & Gos

Spin & Gos are fast-paced hyper-turbos, meaning you want to be aggressive from the get-go.

Finding Your Way at the Micros: Learning How to Win Consistently

Five strategies from Nathan Williams to start winning right away at the micro stakes.

Deciding When to Attack Cash Game Limpers

When you see limpers preflop you want to raise, but consider these factors first.

Picking Off the Pros: Tips vs. Tough Opponents

Two cash game moves you can make when tangling with experienced players.

Hand Review: Folding a Big Hand on the Flop

It's not often you flop two pair and bet, but then end up folding after a big raise.

Running a Large Semi-Bluff on the Turn

Consider how you'd have played this one, described by Jonathan Little as "an odd hand."