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There Are Other Ways to Trap Than by Slow Playing

Sometimes betting or raising is the best way to "trap" an opponent into paying you off.

Donkey Poker: Low-Stakes Live Games Differ from Online

"Donkey Poker" series author Steve Selbrede highlights ways live poker is unlike online.

888poker's Sofia Lövgren on the Importance of Goal Setting

Finding a healthy balance with poker is a challenge faced by both pros and part-timers.

Understanding the Value of Position in Poker

Learn about position by imagining playing the same hand in position and out of position.

7 Tips to Take Your Poker Game From "Meh" to Amazing

The author of "Modern Small Stakes" with advice to help break-even players start winning.

Learn SNAP Poker and More With 888Poker's "The Game"

A new interactive online tool for learning different poker variants from 888poker.

Postflop Poker in No-Limit Hold'em: Don't Fear It, Focus On It

New NLHE players focus a lot on preflop strategy, but to improve they need to go further.

Playing Bigger? Some Guidelines When Moving Up in Limits

Some advice for poker players taking shots or looking to move up in stakes permanently.

How to Win a Hand by Understanding an Opponent's Range

888poker Ambassador Dominik Nitsche analyzes a high-stakes NL cash game hand.

Passive or Aggressive? Ranking Different Calls in Hold'em

Examining crying calls, hero calls, overcalls, flat calls, smooth calls, and cold calls.

Three No-Limit Hold'em Moves You Can Use

Poker author Ashley Adams reviews the squeeze play, set mining, and the float.

Sleep Better, Play Better: How Sleep Affects Your Poker

Getting a good night's rest affects memory and mood -- and your performance at the tables.

No-Limit Omaha-8 -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

An introduction to the wild world of NLO-8, a popular action-filled variant at PokerStars.

Three False Verbal Tells That Work

Poker author Ashley Adams discusses three examples of "false verbal tells" you can use at the table to mislead an opponent regarding your hand strength.

Exploring the Uncapped Buy-in Structure at the Beau Rivage

The Beau Rivage in Biloxi is one of the only poker rooms in the country with an uncapped buy-in in its cash games. Ben Saxton considers strategy and more.

Six Ways in Which Cooperation is a Virtue in Poker

Poker is an "individualistic" game, but cooperation between players is key to ensuring games run smoothly (or at all); it even has strategic benefits, too.

Aggressive Shot Taking and Climbing up the Small Stakes Ladder

Nathan Williams ("Crushing Microstakes," "Modern Small Stakes") shares advice to lower-stakes players about how to go about taking shots at higher limits.

Three Ways to Respond Versus a Table Full of Limpers

What's the best approach versus a table full of limpers? Here are three ways of responding, all of which involve taking advantage of others' passivity.

Do You Change Your Strategy After a Big Win or Loss? Should You?

A big win or loss in poker might encourage you to change strategy -- to repeat the win or to avoid the loss next time. But changing might be a mistake.

Get Introduced to Poker by Playing "The Game" at 888poker

888poker's new interactive program "The Game" serves as an easy-to-use introduction to several different poker variants.