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Three Ways to Respond Versus a Table Full of Limpers

What's the best approach versus a table full of limpers? Here are three ways of responding, all of which involve taking advantage of others' passivity.

Do You Change Your Strategy After a Big Win or Loss? Should You?

A big win or loss in poker might encourage you to change strategy -- to repeat the win or to avoid the loss next time. But changing might be a mistake.

Get Introduced to Poker by Playing "The Game" at 888poker

888poker's new interactive program "The Game" serves as an easy-to-use introduction to several different poker variants.

Understanding When and Why You Should Check-Raise

Felipe Ramos breaks down a hand from the EPT Prague Main Event that helps show how to employ the check-raise successfully in no-limit hold'em.

Tommy Angelo Presents: Good for the Game

Precautions and courtesies for both players and dealers to ensure a game runs smoothly.

How to Extract Maximum Value with a Winning Hand

Two-time WPT champ and EPT winner Mohsin Charania explains.

Three Simple Tactics You Can Use (Against Relatively Simple Players)

Poker author Ashley Adams discusses some relatively simple no-limit hold'em moves that work against less experienced opponents.

Poker and Comedy: Kevin Hart Among the Super High Rollers

Parallels between comedy and poker.

What to Do -- and Not to Do -- About Unusually Good or Bad Poker Results

Robert Woolley applies the concept of "regression to the mean" to several different areas of poker, including how the concept distinguishes luck from skill.

How to Identify Aggressive vs. Passive Players at the Table

Players' betting actions and other behaviors at the table often give away whether they are aggressive or passive players, explains poker pro Danny Tang.

Randomness in Your Poker Results? Don't Forget "Regression to the Mean"

"Regression to the mean" is an under-appreciated aspect of randomness, explains Robert Woolley. In fact, it can explain some of your poker results.

10 Simple Poker Tells for Home Games

Poker author Ashley Adams lists 10 commonly exhibited, often reliable poker "tells" that players in home games and low-stakes casino games often exhibit.

Replacing Mistakes with Mistakes in Poker

Nate Meyvis (Thinking Poker Podcast) discusses how poker learning often works, with players correcting earlier mistakes only to replace them with new ones.

Can You Spot the Ways the Game Has Changed?

We know poker strategy has evolved over the years. But the game can change even faster -- even during a single session -- and you have to pay attention.

Breaking Down Momentum in Poker with David Peters

Amid a deep EPT Prague Main Event run, David Peters discusses the role momentum can play in poker and how it affects decision-making at the tables.

Five Great Ways to Induce Action in Your Home Game

Sometimes home poker games become "rock fests" full of nitty players. Here are five ways to get action going and help make the game more fun and inviting.

5 Ways Small Stakes Poker Players Prevent Themselves from Winning

Many poker players, especially among the lower stakes, are their own worst enemies when it comes to improving their games and learning how to profit.

Seven Deadly Sins of Poker -- How Many Are You Guilty Of?

Robert Woolley examines a list of "seven deadly sins of a poker player," finding some appropriate, though others may not be poker sins at all.

Unibet Poker Marks New Client Launch with Around the World Dream Raffle

Unibet Poker has launched a new software client -- "Unibet Poker 2.0" -- and is commemorating it with an "Around the World" promotion worth over €250,000.

Tommy Angelo Presents: How to Tilt

Poker author Tommy Angelo has advice for players who feel like they just aren't tilting enough. You'd be surprised how easy it is to become a "Tiltmaster."