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Tag: Chris Oliver

Sisley's Kings Eventually Prevail

Chris Oliver just moved all in under the gun plus one for 82,500 and Todd Sisley moved all in over the top for 96,500 total. The other players folded and the showdown went as following.

Kings Propel 2011 Runner-Up Chris Oliver to a Double

Benjamin Pollak opened for 4,500 from early position only to have 2011 PCA runner-up Chris Oliver three-bet to 13,500. Action folded back to Pollak, who ripped, and Oliver called off for 64,400 total.

Oliver Takes One Off De Andrade

On the flop, Alexandre Araujo De Andrade checked, and Chris Oliver checked behind. The turn was the , and De Andrade bet 1,800. Oliver raised to 4,300, and De Andrade called.

Oliver Busts Luft with River Queen

On the paired flop, Chris Oliver bet 4,200, and Antonio Luft made the call. After Inacio Izkovitz tank-folded, the dealer added the to the board on fourth street.

Oliver Suffers from Increased Fares

A brutal exit for Chris Oliver. We're not sure where the money went in but the board was reading , Oliver had been holding but Hassan Fares had made quads with to eliminate the American.

Priced In

Dario Sammartino three-bet shoved the button for 47,900 chips and Oliver Price called with the . The Italian turned over the and could already breathe happily on the flop after hitting his set.

Easy Game For Schemion

From early position, Chris Oliver raised and then four-bet shoved after Ole Schemion put in a reraise one seat over. The German snap called with pocket queens and held up against the pocket nines of his opponent. Poker can be that easy.

Telker Talks

Talkative Michael Telker has been building a stack since we last caught up with him. Chris Oliver’s stack has been going the other way. Telker was under-the-gun and bet 1,200 saying “Alright let’s see a flop.

Fatherly Advice for Oliver

Chris Oliver won nearly $2,000,000 at the PCA in 2011 for coming second, and was being given some fatherly advice by Iliodoros Kamatakis, a live satellite qualifier from Greece.

Oliver's Day is Done

After Anatoly Filatov raised from the cutoff, Chris Oliver three-bet shoved from the small blind for 60,000. The big blind folded and Filatov made the call.

Vedes Busts Oliver

We're down to just 33 players after Chris Oliver was just knocked out. Tommy Vedes raised from the small blind to 16,000 and Oliver moved all in from the big. Oliver was all in for 113,000 and after a while Vedes made the call.

Schemion Never Backs Down

We don't know how to interpret the smile on Ole Schemion's face, but it always seems like he's finding a way to get an edge on his opponents. Here's what happened.

Mercier Gone

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier had pocket jacks up against Chris Oliver's pocket queens. Oliver was the player at risk for 106,500, and his hand held when the board ran out .

Oliver Triples, Morgensztern Doubles and Haxton Crippled

After unknown action Chris Oliver and Gil Morgensztern ended up for their tournament life with PokerStars Team Online Isaac Haxton covering both players. Oliver was all in for 33,500 while Morgensztern had an additional 119,500.

Chris Oliver vs. Chino Rheem

With the board reading , Chris Oliver (cutoff) check-called 2,300 from Chino Rheem (button) to see the turn. Oliver check-called 4,800, landing the river. A third check from Oliver led to a third bet from Rheem, this time 10,000.

This Could Get Messy

We just spotted a table with four familiar faces, all of which are highly accomplished and not afraid to play big pots. Chris Oliver made name for himself at the 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event when he finished second for $1.

Oliver Eliminated

From the button, Jason Koon raised to 11,000. Chris Oliver reraised all in from the small blind for about 120,000. Koon called. Koon: Oliver: The board ran out , and Oliver was eliminated.

Petersen Doubles

Mickey Petersen was all in and at risk holding , and Chris Oliver had him at risk with . The board ran out , and the PokerStars Team Online member doubled to 95,000 chips. Oliver is still laxed with 200,000.

O'Dwyer Done; Oliver Returns

We saw Steve O'Dwyer was no longer in his seat. When we asked Justin Bonomo, who was seated at the table, whether or not O'Dwyer had busted, he responded, "Twice.

Story Time With Christian Harder & Scott Seiver: The Elimination Of Chris Oliver

The 2011 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure runner-up, Chris Oliver, has been eliminated from the tournament. We didn't catch the hand, but Christian Harder did tell us a tale. Whether it's true or a tall tale, well, we'll let you decide.