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Why You Shouldn't Continuation Bet So Much

Raising preflop doesn't mean you *have* to continuation bet, explains Dominik Nitsche.

Hand Review: Bluff All In With Trips on Board?

Mo Nuwwarah starts to set up a triple-barrel bluff, but gets raised after barrel No. 1.

10-2 on the Money Bubble: What Do You Do Here?

You have a weak hand, but you're chip leader. Fold or get aggressive? LearnWPT weighs in.

Jonathan Little Splashes Around From the Button

The poker pro and author thinks he could have played this hand differently -- and better.

Daniel Negreanu Reviews 'High Stakes Poker' Hand with Doyle Brunson

It was "Kid Poker" versus "The Godfather of Poker" for a $352,700 pot.

Pocket Jacks Versus a Four-Bet: What Do You Do Here?

A preflop battle in a cash game with pocket jacks. LearnWPT analyzes the situation.

Jonathan Little Decides to Slow Play a Set in a Three-Bet Pot

Flopping a set is always nice, but the challenge comes to try to extract value thereafter.

Would You Fold Pocket Aces Postflop In This Spot?

Take a look at this much discussed hand from the PSC Monte-Carlo Main Event.

Charlie Carrel Analyzes Multi-Street Bluff From €100K Super High Roller

Watch and listen to Carrel's analysis of an interesting hand he played vs. David Peters.

Pocket Eights vs. a Middle Position Raise: What Do You Do Here?

LearnWPT breaks down your options in this commonly-faced satellite situation.

Betting for Value and Protection with Middle Pair in a Multi-Way Pot

Jonathan Little analyzes an early level tournament hand involving a somewhat unusual line.

Stud Strategy: Third Street Aggression With the Second-Best Hand

Raising on third street with second-best in stud? Here's why it can be a good strategy.

A Preflop Question: Is Limping Lame?

We're told limping preflop is bad. But that's not always so in low-stakes live cash games.

Hand Review: Turning Kings Into a Bluff Deep in PSC Panama

Reviewing an interesting postflop sequence deep at PokerStars Championship Panama.

Bet or Check After Top Pair Becomes Full House?

An exercise in range-reading in this hand analysis from Jonathan Little.

Could You Fold the Second Nuts? A Tricky River Decision

Jonathan Little backdoors the second-nut flush, but his opponent is betting big.

Deciding Whether to Hero Call When an Opponent is Polarized

He was either super strong or had air. Danny Tang talks through a hand with James Chen.

Playing a Straight on a Three-Flush, Paired Board

Jonathan Little breaks down a hand in which he flops a straight but may not be best.

Is Straddling a Good or Bad Play?

Steve Selbrede continues his "Donkey Poker" series with a look at cash-game straddling.

Defending the Big Blind Widely Versus a Small Blind Raise

"Disrespectful!" Jonathan Little defended (his big blind) and offended (his opponent)!