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Tag: value betting

Bet or Check After Top Pair Becomes Full House?

An exercise in range-reading in this hand analysis from Jonathan Little.

Deciding Whether to Hero Call When an Opponent is Polarized

He was either super strong or had air. Danny Tang talks through a hand with James Chen.

Flopping a Small Set Out of Position in a Multi-Way Pot

Aditya Agarwal discusses challenges associated with set mining with a small pocket pair.

Playing a Straight on a Three-Flush, Paired Board

Jonathan Little breaks down a hand in which he flops a straight but may not be best.

Take Full Advantage of Reverse Implied Odds

Learn how to get value those times when your opponent sticks around with second-best.

Hand Review: A Disguised Straight on the Turn

A tournament hand illustrates how a loose-aggressive style can get big hands paid off.

More Value: Overbetting with Matt Berkey and Andrew Brokos

Poker pros Matt Berkey and Andrew Brokos discuss overbetting for value and when bluffing.

Five Adjustments to Make When You're Playing Limit Hold'em

In limit games, you must consistently press your advantages at every opportunity.

Rivering a Straight Flush in a Multi-Way Pot

Jonathan Little backs into a monster and has to decide how to extract maximum value.

Excerpts from Zachary Elwood's 'Exploiting Poker Tells'

Two hand examples from the author's forthcoming third book on live tells in poker.

Rethinking the River Check-Raise

When playing the lower limits or "micros," think twice about fancy river plays for value.

Getting Value: Poker Strategy with Matt Berkey and Andrew Brokos

Two top poker minds analyze NL cash game hands highlighting the theme of value betting.

Hand Review: Flopping Trips in a Three-Bet Pot

Take the poll and tell how you would have played this RunGood Main Event hand.

Leading With a Flush Draw in a Multiway Pot

With five players in the hand, Jonathan Little chooses to lead the flop with a flush draw.

Caught in the Middle: The Value Bet Bluff

Can a bet be for value *and* a bluff at the same time? Carlos Welch shares an example.

Hand Review: Folding a Big Hand on the Flop

It's not often you flop two pair and bet, but then end up folding after a big raise.

There Are Other Ways to Trap Than by Slow Playing

Sometimes betting or raising is the best way to "trap" an opponent into paying you off.

Getting All In With Ace-High on Flop Versus a Maniac

Jonathan Little analyzes an interesting decision made early in a tournament.

Hand Review: Would You Fold a Set Deep in This Tournament?

Analyzing a set-over-set situation late in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event.

Three False Verbal Tells That Work

Poker author Ashley Adams discusses three examples of "false verbal tells" you can use at the table to mislead an opponent regarding your hand strength.