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Tag: value betting

There Are Other Ways to Trap Than by Slow Playing

Sometimes betting or raising is the best way to "trap" an opponent into paying you off.

Getting All In With Ace-High on Flop Versus a Maniac

Jonathan Little analyzes an interesting decision made early in a tournament.

Hand Review: Would You Fold a Set Deep in This Tournament?

Analyzing a set-over-set situation late in the PokerStars Championship Bahamas Main Event.

Three False Verbal Tells That Work

Poker author Ashley Adams discusses three examples of "false verbal tells" you can use at the table to mislead an opponent regarding your hand strength.

Taking Advantage of Unbalanced Split Ranges

Carlos Welch analyzes an interesting hand from an online tournament that allows him to discuss players "splitting" their ranges in an unbalanced way.

How to Play Middle Pair Versus a Straighforward Opponent

Jonathan Little analyzes a tournament hand in which he flops middle pair versus a straightforward opponent and has to decide how best to extract value.

Understanding When and Why You Should Check-Raise

Felipe Ramos breaks down a hand from the EPT Prague Main Event that helps show how to employ the check-raise successfully in no-limit hold'em.

How to Extract Maximum Value with a Winning Hand

Two-time WPT champ and EPT winner Mohsin Charania explains.

Three Simple Tactics You Can Use (Against Relatively Simple Players)

Poker author Ashley Adams discusses some relatively simple no-limit hold'em moves that work against less experienced opponents.

How to Play Top Pair, Top Kicker on a Coordinated Board

Hand analysis: Jonathan Little makes top pair, top kicker but might be beaten.

Jonathan Little Rivers a Straight and Faces a Bet -- Raise or Call?

Poker coach and author Jonathan Little analyzes an interesting river decision from early in a World Poker Tour event.

10 Simple Poker Tells for Home Games

Poker author Ashley Adams lists 10 commonly exhibited, often reliable poker "tells" that players in home games and low-stakes casino games often exhibit.

Replacing Mistakes with Mistakes in Poker

Nate Meyvis (Thinking Poker Podcast) discusses how poker learning often works, with players correcting earlier mistakes only to replace them with new ones.

5 Ways Small Stakes Poker Players Prevent Themselves from Winning

Many poker players, especially among the lower stakes, are their own worst enemies when it comes to improving their games and learning how to profit.

Big River Decisions in GPL Playoffs as Montreal Takes Title

The Global Poker League has crowned its first champion, with the final series between Montreal and Berlin producing some interesting strategic decisions.

Hand Review: Matt Affleck Leads the Flop with a Set

Hand analysis: After flopping a set versus David Vamplew, Matt Affleck chooses to lead the flop rather than check in this PokerStars Festival NJ hand.

"This Was a Fun Hand": Mike McDonald vs. Jonathan Jaffe in GPL Playoffs

A fun hand between Mike McDonald and Jonathan Jaffe in the Global Poker League playoffs involves value betting, slow playing, hand reading, and more.

Saving a Few Behind: Jonathan Little Makes a Not-Quite All-In River Bet

Poker pro, coach, and author Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from an EPT Main Event in which he decided to make a not-quite all-in bet on the river.

Hand Analysis: You River the Nuts -- Bet Big or Small?

Jonathan Little analyzes a hand from a European Poker Tour event in which he rivers the nuts and has to decide how big or little to bet for value.

"No Cigar," or How to Exploit the Psychology of the Near-Miss

"Near-miss" hands happen a lot in poker. Some players can't help but be preoccupied by them, and if you pay attention, you can profit from their obsession.