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APT Macau Main Event

Event Info

Players 326

Level Info

Level 23
Blinds 10,000 / 20,000
Ante 3,000

Allain, Chip by Chip

We saw a rare raise to almost three times the big blind. It came from small blind Adrien Allain and was called by big blind Inwook Choi. Both players checked the {J-Hearts} {10-Clubs} {3-Diamonds} flop. When the turn came {5-Hearts}, Allain took down the pot with a bet of 70,000.

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Another Dent For Tran

Adrien Allain limped the button, Inwook Choi folded his small blind and J.C. Tran knocked the table in the big blind.

Again the players were content to play small ball as they checked through to the river on a {9-Spades}{3-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds}{K-Spades} board. Tran checked, Allain bet 25,000 and Tran called.

Allain opened {Q-Clubs}{6-Clubs} for a pair of sixes which were good as Tran mucked.

Allain Still Acccumulating

Inwook Choi put in the first raise preflop, but it was chip leader Adrien Allain who put in the last raise that won the hand after the flop. Preflop action started with J.C. Tran limping his button and Allain limping the small blind before Choi popped it to 62,000 from the big blind. That was enough to fold the short-stacked Tran, but Allain called.

On a flop of {K-Hearts} {6-Clubs} {4-Clubs}, Allain checked to Choi. Choi put another 65,000 in the pot but folded quite quickly when Allain check-raiesd to 195,000.

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Choi, Allain Chop Tran's Chips

It was another three-way limped pot contested among Adrien Allain, Inwook Choi and J.C. Tran. All three checked the ten-high flop, {10-Diamonds} {9-Spades} {4-Clubs}. When the {4-Spades} hit the turn, Allain checked again. Choi took the opportunity to bet 25,000 and was called by both Tran and Allain.

The river was another small card, the {5-Hearts}. Adrien led out for 90,000 and was called only by Choi. Each player showed ten-six offsuit -- it was a chopped pot.

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A Rare Raise

After so much recent limping it was refreshing to see Adrien Allain open with a raise to 40,000 from the button. Inwook Choi folded his small blind but J.C. Tran defended his big blind.

However play slowed once the community cards landed as they checked to the river on a board of {A-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{6-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{J-Clubs}. Tran checked the river over to Allain who fired 50,000 to take it down.

Still Playing Small Ball

There has been a noticeable shift to small-ball poker during the last hour. Inwook Choi opened a recent pot with a raise to 34,000 that was called by big blind Adrien Allain. Both players checked a flop that read {5-Clubs} {3-Hearts} {2-Diamonds}. Allain check-folded to a bet of 46,000 from Choi after the turn fell a king.

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Keeping It Cheap

The three players limped in to see a cheap {K-?}{6-?}{4-?} flop with two diamonds. All players checked to see the turn fall a {2-?}.

Again everyone checked and the river was a {K-?} and Inwook Choi took a stab with a bet of 28,000. J.C. Tran made the call as Adrien Allain folded.

Choi showed {Q-?}{8-?} for queen-high as Tran's {A-Diamonds}{2-Diamonds} was good to take it down.

Another Pot to the Leader

Allain and Choi
Allain and Choi
Adrien Allain can do no wrong so far today. He has eliminated four players and seems to keep hitting hands. He limped in preflop before Inwook Choi raised to 56,000. Allain called. Both players checked a flop of {Q-Spades}{8-Clubs} {5-Clubs}. Allain again checked the {10-Diamonds} turn, drawing a bet of 52,000 from Choi that he called. The action then checked down on the {k-Clubs} river, with Allain making a pair of queens, {Q-Hearts} {9-Hearts}. It was once again the winner.

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Tran Gets One Back

Inwook Choi completed from the small blind and J.C. Tran checked his option in the big blind.

They saw a flop of {A-?}{4-?}{3-?} with two diamonds. Choi led out for the minimum 16,000 and Tran made the call.

The turn was the {8-Spades} and Choi checked to Tran who fired 35,000 to take it down.

Allain Gets There

We had our first three-way pot since three-handed action began, with Adrien Allain, Inwook Choi and J.C. Tran each playing for the minimum preflop. Action checked to Tran on the button after the flop came down {j-Hearts} {10-Diamonds} {3-Spades}. His bet of 25,000 was called by both opponents.

The turn was the {A-Hearts}. Again the action checked to Tran. He fired another 50,000 into the pot and was called only by Allain. On the river {k-Clubs}, Allain bet 100,000. Tran deliberated for 30 seconds before calling. Allain showed {Q-Diamonds} {9-Spades} for a straight, the winning hand.

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