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Event 9 - $10,500 Aussie Millions Main Event

Zach Fellows Eliminated in 9th Place (AU$100,000)

Zach Fellows
Did somebody put a pep pill in the players' drinks during the last break? We've had another elimination. Peter Rho limped in from the small blind, then quickly called after Zach Fellows moved all in for 332,000 from the big blind. Fellows was in bad shape with {2-Clubs} {2-Diamonds} after Rho turned over {J-Spades} {J-Diamonds}.

It was another sweat hand after came down {9-Clubs} {A-Clubs} {q-Clubs} to give Fellows the smallest flush draw possible to go along with his set outs. He missed the turn {10-Spades} and departed the table after the river fell {4-Spades}. He walks away with AU$100,000.

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