Aussie Millions Main Event

Diamonds For Mercier


Jason Mercier opened the pot to 1,600 from middle position, and Dan Smith shot him an eye before coming along with the call from the big blind. Heads up, the two of them took a {10-Diamonds} {2-Diamonds} {K-Spades} flop, and Smith check-called another 1,200 from Mercier.

The turn {8-Diamonds} and river {3-Clubs} completed the board. Smith check-called 3,900 behind the turn, and Mercier fired the last bullet worth 10,800 on the river. Smith gave it a long look, cutting the call out from his stack and pump-faking a few times before finally dropping it into the pot.

Mercier tabled {9-Diamonds} {5-Diamonds}, and Smith read his hand: "Diamond flush? Nicely done."

Smith has been parted with a good chunk of his stack, down now to about 14,500.

Player Chips Progress
41,000 12,000
14,500 -9,500

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