2022 bestbet Jacksonville Summer Heater Series

$1,500 Main Event
Day: 2
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2022 bestbet Jacksonville Summer Heater Series

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50,000 / 100,000
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$1,500 Main Event

Day 2 Completed

Yi Li Comes From the Back of the Pack to Win the Main Event at bestbet's Summer Heater Poker Series ($101,146)

Level 28 : Blinds 50,000/100,000, 100,000 ante
Yi Li
Yi Li

The $1,500 Main Event at bestbet Jacksonville’s Summer Heater Poker Series has come to an end and Yi Li is the champion after he defeated James Leonard in heads-up play to take home the top prize of $101,146.

Li outlasted the 47 players that returned for Day 2 to come from the bottom of the chip counts at the final table for the win. The event drew a total of 347 runners over two opening flights and generated a prize pool of $497,420.

$1,500 Main Event Final Table Results

1Yi LiJacksonville, FL$101,146
2James LeonardJacksonville, FL$67,431
3Jack SumnerSt. John’s FL$49,446
4Jason LeeJacksonville, FL$36,724
5Peter LeJacksonville, FL$27,630
6 Brian KentMelbourne, FL$21,064
7Thomas CarrollNorth Augusta, SC$16,273
8Dustin NelsonTallahassee, FL$12,742

Winner’s Reaction

Li’s previous best tournament finish was a run to fourth place in the 2017 SHPRO Championship in Hollywood, Florida. The win brings his lifetime earnings to just shy of $450,000, but Li says he is more of a cash games player.

“I only play about five tournaments a year. Mostly at bestbet,” Li said in his post-win interview with PokerNews. “If they have a tournament here I support it. I like it here.”

Li has been coming to bestbet since it opened, mostly to play cash games and see his friends. The champ says he spends almost every day in the card room.

“I like the people. Everybody I know is here. I can hang out and drink and gamble every day.”

Li's win capped a rollercoaster week on the felt, and he joked that the top prize does not even bring him back to even.

“I’m heading back to the cash tables. I didn’t even brake even this week! I’m down $150,000! Seriously. You think I am kidding," he said with a laugh. "I am still down this week. I am not even yet!”

Yi Li
Yi Li

Day 2 Action

It took more than seven hours of play to reach the last table after 47 players returned for the Day 2 finale. The unofficial final table was formed when Tai Lee got the last of his small stack in with ace-eight, but Peter Le was there to take him out with ace-king. Le came into Day 2 as the overall chip leader, and he had several knockouts throughout the afternoon that set the pace at the top of the leaderboard.

Jared Reinstein was the first to go at the unofficial final table when his ace-king ran into the pocket aces of Dustin Nelson. Nelson used several big hands in the late stages to propel himself to the top part of the leaderboard during the final table.

When the final eight players sat down for the official final table, Le was at the top of the chip counts and Li was bringing up the rear with just nine big blinds.

Li’s turning point came just prior to that when he found himself in a three-way all-in pot with pocket queens against the pocket jacks of Kent and the pocket tens of Nelson. The board ran out in Li's favor, and he picked up a full triple while Nelson was left short. It took nearly two hours to get the first elimination of the finale, and it was Nelson who bowed out in eighth when Brian Kent sent his short-stack shove to the rail with pocket sixes.

Thomas Carroll was next to go in seventh place when his king-jack couldn’t catch up to Leonard’s pocket fours. Carroll made it to the final table by way of several big hands in the final two tables of the evening.

Thomas Carroll
Thomas Carroll

The pace of eliminations picked up from there and it didn’t take long before Kent was out in sixth place. He got it in with ace-eight, but Li was there with pocket fives to close the door. The hand put Li near 2,000,000 for the first time on the day.

Le, the Day 1b chip leader, was out in fifth for another of Li’s late eliminations. Le got it in with Big Slick, but Li’s pocket eights held on for another knockout that took him near 3.5 million chips. Day 1a chip leader Jason Lee was right behind in fourth, once again to Li, who found pocket kings at just the right time to beat Lee’s queen-ten.

Jack Sumner laddered up throughout the final table but his day came to an end in third place when he was another one of Li’s victims. Sumner shoved an open-ended straight draw on the flop, but Li’s mid-pair held on to send him to the rail.

The red-hot late run set up Li with the chip lead going into heads-up play with Leonard, and it was mere minutes before the tournament found a conclusion. The big moment came when Leonard shoved with king-queen, but Li’s jack-ten made a straight to claim the victory and the top prize of $101,146.

Congratulations to Yi Li for winning the $1,500 Main Event at bestbet Jacksonville’s Summer Heater Poker Series!

Be sure to keep it with the PokerNews team in the future for live updates from your favorite poker tournaments around the world.

bestbet Jacksonville Summer Heater Poker Series Results

EventWinnerTotal EntriesTop Prize
#1: $400 NLHBobby Tieu750$50,801
#2: $400 NLH w/ $100 BountiesJojic Jovan128$30,080
#3: $260 NLHRaminder Singh89$19,135
#4: $300 H.O.E.James Shibley26$7,800
#5: $360 NLH Monster StackGreg Robinson123$36,900
#6: $300 Big O or BetterHerb Gartner47$11,500
#7: $500 PLORicky Patel45$19,350
#8: $260 NLH Turbo w/ $50 BountiesRicky Stone79$2,725*
#9: $660 NLH 6-MaxShane Scorza86$10,208*
#10: The bestbet 500 134 

*- denotes chop deal

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Jack Sumner Eliminated in 3rd Place ($49,446)

Level 28 : Blinds 50,000/100,000, 100,000 ante
Jack Sumner
Jack Sumner

Yi Li raised to 200,000 from the button and Jack Sumner called from the small blind. The flop was {j-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{6-Hearts} and Sumner shoved. Li called and the cards were turned up.

Jack Sumner: {q-Clubs}{10-Hearts}
Yi Li: {k-Spades}{9-Diamonds}

The board ran out with {4-Diamonds} and {5-Spades}, and Sumner's straight never came. He exits the tournament in third place for $49,446.

Player Chips Progress
Yi Chi Li cn
Yi Chi Li
6,930,000 1,790,000
Jack Sumner us
Jack Sumner

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Level: 28

Blinds: 50,000/100,000

Ante: 100,000

Jason Lee Eliminated in 4th Place ($36,724)

Level 27 : Blinds 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante
Jason Lee
Jason Lee

Yi Li raised to 175,000 from under the gun with {k-Hearts}{k-Clubs} and Jason Lee called from the big blind with {q-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}.

The flop came {10-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} and Lee checked. Li shoved all in with much more and Lee called with top pair and a flush draw.

The turn was {j-Spades}, and the river was {j-Hearts}, with no help for Lee and he was out of the tournament in fourth place for $36,724.

Player Chips Progress
Yi Chi Li cn
Yi Chi Li
5,140,000 1,705,000
Jason Lee us
Jason Lee
Day 1A Chip Leader

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Peter Le Eliminated in 5th Place ($27,630)

Level 27 : Blinds 40,000/80,000, 80,000 ante
Peter Le
Peter Le

Yi Li shoved from the small blind and Peter Le called from the big blind for less. Action was heads-up and Le was at risk.

Peter Le: {a-Spades}{k-Clubs}
Yi Li: {8-Clubs}{8-Spades}

The board ran out {10-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{k-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{q-Spades} and the eights held to eliminate Le from the tournament in fifth place for $27,630.

Player Chips Progress
Yi Chi Li cn
Yi Chi Li
3,435,000 1,595,000
Peter Le au
Peter Le
Day 1B Chip Leader

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