€550 Grand Event

Robert Lim Eliminated in 17th Place (€4,080)

ChrisBean • Level 26: 50,000-100,000, 100,000 ante
Robert Lim

James Clarke bet 250,000 in the small blind. Robert Lim moved all-in from the big blind for 1,200,000. Clarke made the call.

Robert Lim: {k-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}
James Clarke: {q-Spades}{j-Spades}

The {10-Hearts}{4-Clubs}{3-Diamonds} flop gave Lim top pair, the {8-Hearts} was no help for anyone but the {j-Diamonds} river gave Clarke a higher pair to send Lim to the exit.

Player Chips Progress
James Clarke gb
James Clarke
gb 5,200,000 500,000
Robert Lim gb
Robert Lim
gb Busted

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