Main Event

Ben Heath Eliminated

Webjoker • Level 19: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante
Ben Heath (photo from an earlier event)

Marijn van Puffelen was kind enough to tell us the details of a bust out hand that we missed.

Igor Yaroshevskyy opened under the gun and small blind Ben Heath pushed for about 150,000. Heath got called pretty quickly and found out he was in trouble. Heath had {K-}{Q-} while Yaroshevskyy tabled {A-}{A-}.

An {A-} on the flop just about ended it for Heath. No luck on the turn and river and Heath exited the tournament area. Yaroshevskyy, as far as we can tell, the first player with over a million in chips.

Player Chips Progress
Igor Yaroshevskyy ua
Igor Yaroshevskyy
ua 1,100,000 280,000
Ben Heath gb
Ben Heath
gb Busted

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