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Wade Townsend Eliminated in 11th Place ($21,000)

Wade Townsend - 11th place

On a {3-Diamonds} {5-Hearts} {A-Diamonds} flop, Jeremy Ausmus checked to his heads-up opponent, Wade Townsend who put out a bet of 75,000. After some time considering, Ausmus check-raised to something like 215,000, and Townsend proceeded to shove all in for about 500,000 total. Ausmus called, and the cards were on their backs.

Ausmus: {A-Clubs} {2-Hearts}
Townsend: {A-Hearts} {Q-Hearts}

Townsend was well in front, and the {9-Hearts} that landed on fourth street was a great card as it took one out away from Ausmus.

River: {4-Clubs}

Townsend let out a screaming, "F**!!!" as the river card betrayed his best hand. Ausmus made a wheel with that offsuit four, and Townsend's day has been put out to pasture.

Tags: Jeremy AusmusWade Townsend


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