€8,500 Cannes Main Event

Crenn Doubles through Mattern

A series of pre-flop raises and re-raises led to an all-in confrontation between Arnaud Mattern and Thierry Crenn. Mattern had Crenn covered and the pot was worth approximately 175,000. These were the hands they revealed at the showdown:

Crenn: {K-Spades} {K-Diamonds}
Mattern: {A-Spades} {10-Hearts}

The board filled out {Q-Diamonds} {K-Clubs} {2-Spades} {9-Clubs} {5-Hearts} in favor of Crenn who took down the pot, leaving Mattern with right around 220,000 in chips.

"Nice hand, pocket R's" commented Patryk Hildebranski afterwards, a reference to the French deck that's been in play all week here at the Palm Beach Club.

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Ready... Break!

The clock has been paused, and the players are taking an after-dinner break for 15 minutes.

Lighten Up!

With the mood in the room turning quite serious, at least a few players are still doing their part to keep spirits up.

Noah Schwartz, working with a ton of newfound chips, is chatting liberally with his whole table during and in between hands. Robert Mizrachi stopped by the table recently to check on his fellow Poker Battle Warrior. Schwartz asked him, "What do you got, like 270?" He added with a grin, "I'm coming for ya." He glanced over at the player to his left, who was sitting as still as a statue. "Come on, smile. We're having fun, no?" said Schwartz, drawing a faint smile from his opponent. Everyone is bearing down for a run to the money, but Schwartz may be the happiest man in the room.

Okay, maybe the second happiest.

Scotty Nguyen has been brushing up on his French skills for two solid days now, and he has become marginally prolific at announcing his bet amounts in the local tongue. With more than a few Heinekins in his blood stream, he is having no trouble carrying the conversation at his table, in French or in English. And to further add to the comedy routine, two Spanish-speaking players have been moved to Scotty's table, and he can't help but throw in a phrase in their language every now and then. No matter where you are in the vast tournament room, every couple of minutes a big loud Scotty laugh comes booming over top of the crowd.

Former Chip Leader Fading

Casper Hansen
Casper Hansen
Casper Hansen, who started the day as the overall chip leader (163,400), currently finds himself one of his table's short stacks and can't seem to put anything together.

In a recent hand, Hansen opened the pot with a raise to 6,200 from early position and Michel Abecassis made the call.

The flop came {2-Spades} {3-Hearts} {8-Hearts} and Hansen fired a continuation bet of 8,500. Michel made the call and saw the {7-Clubs} fall on the turn.

Hansen fired again, this time making it 19,500 to go and Michel asked him how much he had left. "45,000 or so" replied Hansen and apparently Abecassis liked the answer as he announced "All in."

Hansen tossed his cards into the muck before Abecassis was even able to move his chips across the betting line and let out a frustrated sigh as he looked down at the 45,000 he has left.

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Nkoa Pwning Competition

It seems as though every time we walk past Fabrice Nkoa's table he's adding the chip stacks of one of his victims to his own. By the looks of things, he's got well over 600,000 and is far and away our overall chip leader.

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Jacques Zaicik Eliminated

Jacques Zaicik
Jacques Zaicik
Frenchman and close friend of Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier Jacques Zaicik, pictured here, has just been eliminated from the main event.

While we were unable to attain the details of his elimination, we can tell you that his executioner was Bernard Graffouillere, who now has 160,000 in chips.

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By the Numbers

We have just finally received the payout sheet from the tournament staff, and the numbers are quite impressive. The 480 entrants generated a prize pool worth €3,336,000, which will be divided up amongst the final 10% of the field. The lucky player who manages to outlast the rest of his counterparts will take home an even €1,000,000, while the runner up will pocket €511,100. The full list of payout information will be loaded onto our Prizepool and Payouts page before the end of the night.

As we hit the halfway mark in Level 14, we have just 70 runners remaining. Play began with 221, meaning we have lost more than 150 throughout the course of the day. The average chip stack in the room at this moment is 137,143.

In a little bit of a scheduling shake up, we will play nine levels today. Play will conclude for the evening at the end of Level 17. With 48 spots paying out cash, we expect to be very close, or possibly even in the money by the time we get to the end of play tonight. We also expect the pace and style of play to tighten up considerably as we draw ever nearer to that guaranteed payout.

Scoreboard Update

Lucien Alibert - 48,000
Stephan Liger - 120,000
Frederic Marcoux - 121,000
Noah Schwartz - 280,000
Patryk Hildebranski - 205,000