€8,500 Cannes Main Event

Trading Places

[Removed:133] and Claudio Renaldi just played heads-up for perhaps the biggest pot of the tournament thus far.

We caught up to the hand with the board showing {7-Hearts} {4-Hearts} {A-Hearts} {A-Clubs} {2-Hearts}. Cournut had checked to Renaldi who moved all in for approximately 405,000; there was at least 600,000 already in the pot.

Cournut tanked and asked a few questions, presumably in French, before eventually sliding two stacks of pink chips across the betting line signaling a call.

Renaldi then turned over two red kings -- the {K-Hearts} giving him the nut flush -- and Cournut was devastated. He sat motionless in his chair and stared across the table as Renaldi piled up his newfound 1.5 million in chips.

Cournut mucked his cards and was left with just over 600,000 in chips.

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Willy Korchia Eliminated in 19th Place ($34,953)

Willy Korchia - Eliminated
Willy Korchia - Eliminated
Willy Korchia was all in pre-flop with a big pocket pair against his opponent's {A-?} {K-?}. An ace on the flop spelled the end for the cigarette-chewing Korchia. He will head to the payout desk with a nice pay bump, moving up to nearly $35,000.

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Scoreboard Update

Here's the way things stack up over at Table 2:

Seat 1: Fabrice Gouget - 180,000
Seat 2: Thierry Crenn - 220,000
Seat 3: Guillaume Darcourt - 680,000
Seat 4: Jean Philippe Rohr - 260,000
Seat 5: Michael Mizrachi - 215,000
Seat 6: Michael Abecassis - 380,000

Please note that we do not have any access to the featured table area, as it is being filmed for television.

Cournut Building Chips

[Removed:133] opens with a raise to 30,000 from late position. Claudio Renaldi and Alain Roy call from the blinds, and it's three handed to the flop.

It shows up {5-Clubs} {2-Diamonds} {8-Clubs}. Check, check, check.

The turn brings the {9-Clubs}. This time, Renaldi leads out with 52,000 chips. Cournut makes the call rather quickly, while Roy gets out of the mix.

Fifth street: {A-Diamonds}. Renaldi keeps the heat on, betting another 90,000 chips at Cournut. "Is that a good river card for you?" he asks the bettor. After taking a minute or two to decide, Cournut does make the call, and he watches Renaldi flip over {10-Spades} {10-Hearts}. Seemingly surprised by the good news, Cournut tables his {A-Spades} {3-Clubs}, and takes down a nice little pot at showdown.

Man Riding Chicken

This thing was spotted running amok in the hallways of the Palm Beach Club. Who knows...

Scoreboard Update

Chip counts for the players at Table 1 are as follows:

Seat 1: [Removed:133] - 1,100,000
Seat 2: Willy Korchia - 244,000
Seat 3: Raul Paez - 770,000
Seat 4: Claudio Renaldi - 830,000
Seat 5: Alain Roy - 460,000
Seat 6: Philippe Narboni - 260,000

Bruno Mignini Eliminated in 20th Place ($22,113)

Bruno Mignini - Eliminated
Bruno Mignini - Eliminated
From early position, Bruno Mignini raises it up to 45,000. Action folds around to Michael Abecassis on the button, and he moves all in. Both blinds duck out, and Mignini lifts his sunglasses, stacks his chips, and pushes them in -- about 180,000 worth. He is slightly covered by Abecassis, so it is Bruno Mignini who is all in for his tournament life. With no further betting, the hands are turned over:

Mignini: {10-Diamonds} {10-Hearts}
Abecassis: {J-Diamonds} {J-Hearts}

Bad timing for Mignini, as his pocket tens are in awful shape to stay alive. The board seals his fate, coming {A-Clubs} {4-Hearts} {2-Hearts} {J-Spades} {Q-Clubs} and sending him to the cashier to pick up his winnings.

Michael Abecassis, after winning that hand, has nearly doubled up to 380,000.

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Action Slows to a Crawl

Since we've returned from break, the pace of place has changed dramatically from frantic to languid. There are only eight spots at tomorrow's final table and none of our remaining players are rushing to get their chips into the middle. Things may stay this way for awhile, as even the short stacks have a decent number of big blinds.

Play Resumes

The players are back in their seats, and the cards are in the air once again.