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Fedor Holz Wins the partypoker LIVE Grand Prix Austria High Roller (€34,000)

poolshir • Level 22: 60,000-120,000, 0 ante
Fedor Holz, partypoker LIVE Grand Prix High Roller Champion

The partypoker LIVE Grand Prix Austria €2,200 High Roller started Friday at 2 p.m local time and after 14 hours of play, a winner was crowned here in the Montesino Casino. After almost four hours of heads-up play, partypoker partner Fedor Holz defeated fellow partypoker pro, Jan-Peter Jachtmann, to grab the first-place payout of €34,000 and the beautiful trophy. Jachtmann, on the other hand, took home €24,500.

The high roller here in Vienna attracted 42 unique players of whom 8 decided to reenter, creating a total of 50 entries with a prize pool of €100,000. The top 6 players would be guaranteed money, and five of those six spots were occupied by Germans.

1Fedor HolzGermany€34,000
2Jan-Peter JachtmannGermany€24,500
3Dietrich FastGermany€17,000
4Jozsef LiszkovicRomania€10,500
5Christopher FrankGermany€6,850
6Paul HöferGermany€5,150

Today's action

Some big names in the poker scene took their seats at the tables today but didn't make it through to the later levels of the tournament. partypoker Brand Ambassador Boris Becker came in during the third level but was eliminated later in the evening. Another partypoker player – part of the sponsored pro's – was Natalia Breviglieri, who made it through to the last three tables and several seats and table changes but didn't make it through to the last 16 players. Other notables that played today but didn't make the final table include Manuel Blaschke, Julian Thomas, Seyed Edalat-Pur, Jan-Eric Schwippert and Killian Kramer.

The unofficial final table was reached when nine players were left. But only six of them would finish in the money. The first player to leave the feature table was Robin Hegele, when his king-jack couldn't win against Fedor Holz' ace-jack. The second player to leave the scene without any money was Henning Wendlandt when he hit a pair of queens on the flop with his ace-queen but partypoker pro Jan-Peter Jachtmann had him beat when he rivered a straight with pocket jacks.

The bubble burst when Dietirich Fast's ace-queen eliminated Jens Lakemeier when he had ace-four and a bit of hope when there were three hearts on the flop. The fourth heart or the four never appeared, bringing the remaining players in the money.

Subsequent eliminations followed each other in rapid succession. Paul Höfer lost with ace-jack against the kings of Jachtmann. The flop gave him some hope when he hit another ace but the king on the turn ended his run and he finished in sixth place. Christopher Frank was one of the players that reentered today and he was another victim of Jachtmann when his ten-four suited couldn't win against ace-two.

Unfortunately, the stream then ran into some technical difficulties which meant that the bustout of Jozsef Liszkovic wasn't broadcasted when he finished in 4th place. Most of the action was also lost in the hand where Fast found his Waterloo in 3rd place. Holz was all-in on a king-eight-three-ten-jack board and Fast tank-called with king-three for two pair. But Holz had the better hand with the five-four of spades for a flopped flush.

Heads-up play took almost four hours as no deal was even discussed. Jachtmann and Holz swapped places taking the chip lead several times but in the end, it was Holz who came out victorious. In the last hand, Holz had shoved all in with ace-nine and was called by Jachtmann who was holding queen-eight. The flop came ace-five-queen, giving both of them a pair but Holz had the upper hand. The turn gave Jachtmann an eight though which meant he now had the better hand with two pair, queens and eights. The five on the river meant the tournament was over as it now gave Holz the better two pair, aces and fives. Holz could now be crowned as the High Roller champion.

In just a few hours, the cards will be back in the air for more Day 1s here in the Montesino Casino. The first flight of the day will start at 1 p.m. local time. The PokerNews live reporting team will be back to provide you with all the updates until a winner is crowned on Monday, October 9th.

Fedor Holz, partypoker LIVE Grand Prix High Roller Champion

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