$300 No Limit Hold’em

I Can Be Your Hero

MartyDerby • Level 6: 200-400, 50 ante
The One and Only Jason Nablo

Two local legends just sat down, one for the second time tonight.

Rick Block managed to make it about 30 minutes on his first bullet before he flopped two pair and got his chips in the middle. Block's opponent called with top-top and made a better two pair on the river to send him the cage firing a second bullet.

He's now got a new seat at the table right beside where Jason Nablo just sat down, but the life of Mr. Nablo appears a little more charmed right now.

He sauntered in the room at the end of Level 5 and limped in from early position in his first hand. Like the hero he is, Nablo flopped a set of fives and with the help of two queens on the turn and river, he made him a boat. Three and half minutes into his day and Nablo's half way to a double up already.

His future is so bright, he's wearing sunglasses in a dimly lit room.

Player Chips Progress
Jason Nablo us
Jason Nablo
us 23,000 23,000
Rick Block
Rick Block
15,000 15,000

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