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Main Event

Level Info

Level 26
Blinds 20,000 / 40,000
Ante 4,000

Players Info

Prize Pool $235,681
Main Event
Day 3 Completed

Guy Klass Wins the 2017 WNYPC Main Event for $47,016

MartyDerby • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante
Guy Klass
Guy Klass

A 46-year-old Heavy-Duty Truck Salesman from Buffalo, NY took down the 2017 Western New York Poker Challenge Main Event in Niagara Falls, NY on Monday afternoon.

Guy Klass earned $47,016 for the win, getting the best of a 267-entry field that created a $235,681 prize pool. After two starting flights at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino on Friday and Saturday, the event played down to a final four on Sunday.

They returned with more than $120,000 up for grabs today and Klass had the chip lead. World Series of Poker Bracelet winner Michael Malm chipped up a little to start play, but became the first casualty of the final four when he turned top two pair against Klass' flopped set of threes.

1Guy Klass$47,016
2Peter Beshay$47,016
3Anne Jones$26,161
4Michael Malm$19,326
5Mark Bowersock$14,377
6Erik Christensen$10,841
7Damian Baird$8,485
8Hayden Glassman$6,599
9Scott Murawa$5,303

Klass had a monster lead at that point, but Peter Beshay chipped away to draw closer. Anne Jones doubled through Klass once, but couldn't manage it a second time, losing a race with big slick versus Klass' jacks for all her chips.

Klass would have started heads-up play with a 5:3 lead, but they never played a hand. Klass struck a deal with Beshay to chop the money even and take the title and trophy, keeping it here at home in Western New York.

In less than a single level the 2017 WNYPC Main Event Final Four was over and Klass was posing for the winner photos.

That's all for PokerNews' coverage of the 2017 Western New York Poker Challenge. Hats off to the dealers, floorpersons, management and staff at the Niagara Falls Poker Room, who put on a great show and another successful tournament series by all accounts.

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Anne Jones Eliminated in 3rd Place ($26,161)

MartyDerby • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante
Anne Jones
Anne Jones

Anne Jones raised the button to 125,000 and Guy Klass three-bet to 520,000 from the small blind. Peter Beshay folded the big blind and Jones pushed all in for 1.4 million total.

Klass snap-called with the {J-Spades}{J-Diamonds} and Jones was racing for her tournament life with the {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}. The board ran out {10-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{10-Spades}{7-Hearts}{2-Clubs} and that was all she wrote for Jones.

Klass will take a 5:3 lead into heads-up with Peter Beshay, but they are discussing a chop.

Guy Klass us 5,000,000 -3,000,000
Peter Beshay ca 3,000,000 3,000,000
Anne Jones us Busted

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Jones Doubles Through Klass

MartyDerby • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante
Anne Jones
Anne Jones

Anne Jones shoved the small blind with the {q-Hearts}{9-Hearts} and Guy Klass made the almost 700,000-chip call with the {4-Clubs}{4-Spades}.

The board ran out {q-Clubs}{j-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{j-Spades}{2-Diamonds} giving Jones the much-needed double up and continuing Klass' recent downward trend.

Guy Klass us 3,600,000 -500,000
Anne Jones us 1,400,000 600,000

Beshay Chips Away

MartyDerby • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante

Peter Beshay has chipped away at Guy Klass' big lead.

Beshay has taken a couple of pots off Klass, including one worth more than 1.5 million where he called two big bets with top pair jacks, catching Klass trying to steal with bottom pair.

Anne Jones is the shorty now.

Guy Klass us 4,100,000 -1,100,000
Peter Beshay ca 3,000,000 1,845,000
Anne Jones us 800,000 -931,000

Michael Malm Eliminated in 4th Place ($19,326)

MartyDerby • Level 26: 20,000-40,000, 4,000 ante
Michael Malm
Michael Malm

Anne Jones made it 110,000 on the button and Michael Malm called from the small blind. Guy Klass defended his big blind. Malm and Klass both checked the {j-Spades}{3-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} flop and Jones led for 165,000. Malm check-raised to 525,000.

Klass cold called and Jones stepped out of the way. The turn brought the {a-Diamonds} and a 475,00-chip lead from Malm. Klass waved his hand signifying he was all in and Malm snap-called with the {a-Clubs}{j-Diamonds} two pair.

Klass had the {3-Diamonds}{3-Spades} flopped set and held after a {6-Diamonds} river, knocking a stunned Malm to the rail fourth. Klass now takes a massive lead into three-handed play.

Guy Klass us 5,200,000 1,722,000
Michael Malm ca Busted

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The 2017 WNYPC Final Four Starts Now!

2017 WNYPC Final Four
2017 WNYPC Final Four

Three Canadians and a player from Buffalo, NY will fight for a $57,738 first-place prize and the title of 2017 Western New York Poker Challenge Main Event Champion inside the Niagara Falls Poker Room at the Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino today.

Buffalo's own Guy Klass, who finished third here two years ago, has the chip lead. However, WSOP Bracelet winner Michael Malm and fellow Canadians Anne Jones and Peter Beshay are well within striking distance.

Play will kick off at 12 p.m. local time with each player guaranteed at least $19,326 and the chance to ladder up for more. Blinds will start at a hefty 20,000/40,000 with a 4,000 ante and the average stack at around 50 big blinds, so there is some poker to be played.

PokerNews will be on hand providing live coverage from start to finish. Stay tuned to find out who becomes the 2017 WNYPC Main Event Champion.

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