2022 888poker XL Winter Series WSOPC Rozvadov
$1,100 Main Event

Huy Nguyen Eliminated in 12th Place ($21,421)

AnthonyThompson • Level 28: 50,000-100,000, 20,000 ante
Huy Nguyen

Huy Nguyen was all in preflop from the button and was called by Ilyas Muradi.

Huy Nguyen: {a-Clubs}{9-Hearts}
Ilyas Muradi: {8-Hearts}{8-Spades}

Nguyen held two overs but couldn't find either on the {5-Spades}{2-Spades}{4-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{k-Spades} runout and he was eliminated from the tournament.

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Huy Nguyen us
Huy Nguyen
us Busted

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