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The WPT Championship Final Table

With Thomas Wahlroos's elimination, the final six are set for the WPT final table. Taping will begin on Friday at 5:00 pm PDT at Bellagio.

Here are the official chip counts for tomorrow's WPT Final Table:

Seat 1. Kirk Morrison - 4,194,000
Seat 2. Guy Laliberte - 4,690,000
Seat 3. Carlos Mortensen - 6,501,000
Seat 4. Mike Wattel - 2,887,000
Seat 5. Paul Lee - 11,828,000
Seat 6. Tim Phan - 2,162,000

Will Paul Lee ride his mountain of chips to victory? Will Mike Wattel and Tim Phan hit the rail early or double up and contend? And will Carlos Mortensen become the first player in history to win both the WSOP Championship and the WPT Championship?

Return to for complete hand-by-hand coverage of all the final table action, from the opening blinds to the final river card.

Thomas Wahlroos Eliminated in 7th Place ($247,525)

Wahlroos watches as the river card seals his fate
Wahlroos watches as the river card seals his fate
Mike Wattel raised 420K. Paul Lee called and Thomas Wahlroos raised all in for 5M. Wattel folded and Lee sat for a few minutes before he called. Wahlroos showed {A-Spades}{10-Spades} while Lee had him dominated with {A-Diamonds}{Q-Spades}. The flop was {J-Hearts}{8-Spades}{2-Spades} and Wahlroos picked up a nut flush draw. The turn was the {2-Diamonds} and the river was the {5-Diamonds}. Wahlroos missed all of his outs and headed to the rail in 7th place. The young gun from Helsinki, Finland won $247,525.

Official chip counts for the WPT Final Table coming in a few minutes.

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Updated Chip Counts

Here are the approximate chip counts from the break:

Seat 1. Kirk Morrison - 4.3 million
Seat 2. Thomas Wahlroos - 4.9 million
Seat 3. Guy Laliberte - 4.4 million
Seat 4. Carlos Mortensen - 5.8 million
Seat 5. Mike Wattel - 2.7 million
Seat 6. Paul Lee - 7.0 million
Seat 7. Tim Phan - 2.5 million

And here they are in chip count order:

1. Paul Lee - 7 million
2. Carlos Mortensen - 5.8 million
3. Thomas Wahlroos - 4.9 million
4. Guy Laliberte - 4.4 million
5. Kirk Morrison - 4.3 million
6. Mike Wattel - 2.7 million
7. Tim Phan - 2.5 million

Scott Fischman Eliminated in 8th Place ($247,525)

Fischman doesn't like his chances with 7-5 offsuit
Fischman doesn't like his chances with 7-5 offsuit
Kirk Morrison raised to 425,000 and Scott Fischman moved all in from the big blind for a little over 1M. Kirk called and showed the {5-Clubs}{5-Diamonds} while Fischman tabled the {7-Clubs}{5-Spades}. The flop was {J-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}{2-Spades}. The turn was the {6-Diamonds}, giving Fischman a ray of hope with an open-ended straight draw, but the {A-Hearts} fell on the river, and Fischman exited the Fontana Room in 8th place.

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Kirk Morrison Doubles Through Paul Lee

Morrison is all in with his pocket tens
Morrison is all in with his pocket tens
Carlos Mortensen raises under the gun to 300,000, Paul Lee calls, and Kirk Morrison moves all in from the button for 859,000. As Mortensen considers the call, Morrison says that he is really all in, including his bracelet, his car keys, and anything else he can add to the pot. Mortensen eventually folds, and then the action is on to Lee, who thinks for another minute himself before calling.

Morrison says he got the same hand twice in a row before showing his {10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}. Lee shows {A-Spades}{8-Spades}.

The flop comes {9-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{2-Hearts}, and Morrison retains the lead. The {4-Diamonds} on the turn gives Lee additional outs to a straight draw, but the river card is the {J-Diamonds}. Kirk Morrison wins the pot to double up in chips.

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Morrison Stares Down Wahlroos

Morrison studies Wahlroos for any possible tells
Morrison studies Wahlroos for any possible tells
Kirk Morrison raised to 600,000 from the small blind and Thomas Wahlroos called from the big blind. The flop was {A-Diamonds}{5-Clubs}{3-Spades}. Morrison and Wahlroos both checked. The turn was the {K-Hearts}. Morrison checked and Wahlroos moved all in. Morrison had about 1.75M behind and Wahlroos had him well covered.

After staring Wahlroos down for a full five minutes, Morrison asked the tournament director if he could expose his own hand to try and get a read off of Wahlroos. The TD told Morrison that if he did, he would incur a 20-minute penalty. Morrison finally folded about a minute later and Wahlroos won the pot.

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It's Been a While Since Someone Busted...

It has been at least two and a half hours (of real time) since our last elimination. With eight players left, we're still two places away from the Final Six who will make it to the feature TV table.