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Event #4: Monster Stack $500K Gtd

Event Info

Buy-in $200
Prize Pool $948,520
Players 5155
Event #4: Monster Stack $500K Gtd
Day 1 Completed

"274AS" Wins $134,909 Grand Prize By Taking the Monster Stack WSOPC Title

Final Hand
Final Hand

WSOPC Ring Event 4: Monster Stack $500K GTD has come to an end after over 15 hours of play.

Besting the starting field of 5,155 at the end of the day was “274AS” who took home the grand prize of $134,909.

The Luxembourger champion was spotted with a few tables to go gathering chips and moving toward the top of the leaderboard. Play would go on at a steady pace until there were eight players remaining where it would take 45 minutes for the next elimination to happen. With about six players left, “274AS” started to make their move and became chip leader after some time.

Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryPrize Money
2"Fedor Kruse"Austria$92,767
3"Kroat."United Kingdom$63,792
5"Snow's Crazy Aye?"Canada$30,165
7"kingshark.poker"United Arab Emirates$14,264
8"kooler"Hong Kong$9,809

Play would again slow with five players left as players became more deliberate in their action as the prize money increased until “Snow’s Crazy Aye?” was knocked out in fifth place. “Rocksolid03”’s elimination in fourth place brought the field down to three.

Three-handed play looked poised to last a while as all three players had healthy stacks, but instead “Kroat.” Lost momentum quickly and was eliminated in short order.

“274AS” held a slight lead with 55% of the chips at the start of heads up play but “Fedor Kruse” would turn that around in his favor as he took a 55/45 lead himself after a few hands. But “274AS made a key call with a pocket pair of threes on a board with over cards when “Fedor Kruse” was bluffing with nothing. That substantial pot sent him into a nice lead; from which he would not look back finished the job after about twenty more minutes of play.

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"Fedor Kruse" Eliminated in 2nd Place ($92,767)


"Fedor Kruse" snap called the all in shove from "274AS" preflop and the cards were revealed.

"Fedor Kruse": {a-Spades}{3-Spades}
"274AS": {7-Spades}{6-Diamonds}

Kruse was in the lead and the flop was a great one for him as it came {5-Clubs}{10-Spades}{q-Spades} to give him a flush draw and reduce the outs of his opponent. The turn was the {2-Hearts}.

But the river spelled the end of the tournament as the {7-Diamonds} came off to bring home the victory for "274AS"

274AS lu
lu 154,650,000 34,928,817
Fedor Kruse at
Fedor Kruse
at Busted

Break Time: "Fedor Kruse" Gets Lower After Fold


After having taken an initial lead after the first few hands of heads up "Fedor Kruse" has not sunk to the short stack after a few key hands lost. Including one where his bluff on the river with air was picked off by "274AS" who was holding simply a pocket pair of threes

The players are now on a brief break.

274AS lu
lu 119,721,183 36,301,184
Fedor Kruse at
Fedor Kruse
at 34,928,817 -32,461,184