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Event 29 - $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em

Event Info

Buy-in $3,000
Players 716

Level Info

Level 25
Blinds 30,000 / 60,000
Ante 5,000

This Could Be it...Nope

Johnny Neckar limped from the button and John Phan raised it up another 150,000. Neckar then declared he was all in.

"You don't have king-jack again do you?" questioned Phan. "I have a big decision you know," he said as he thought long and hard.

"This could be it! The last hand! I can beat king-jack, you know that right?" said Phan as he asked for a count of his opponent's stack. It was close to 1.3 million to call but Phan laid it down as Neckar attempted to fight back into this contest!

Nine Coronas! Actually, Let's Do 20!

Just before his double-up, John Phan ordered a round of 20 Coronas for his cheering section. He looked over to Neckar and stated, "Gonna have to beat you drunk. Not working good sober."

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It Wasn't Luck, Nor Was it Skill -- it was Sebok

Directly after John Phan's miracle river double-up on Johnny Neckar, Joe Sebok looked at John Phan and said, "See what happens when I show up?" Apparently, Sebok had arrived to watch Phan just before he went all in. Phan's good luck charm couldn't have arrived at a better time for him. Of course, Neckar may have him removed from the building after suffering that beat.

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Phan Doubles with Ace from Space!

Johnny Neckar limped in from the button before John Phan raised by carefully placing seven green 25,000-denomination chips out on the felt for a raise of 175,000. Neckar then announced he was all in, and Phan jumped out of his seat and instantly called.

Neckar: {J-Clubs}{K-Diamonds}
Phan: {A-Hearts}{J-Spades}

The flop came {2-Spades}{K-Clubs}{4-Hearts} and Neckar took the lead in the hand with a pair of kings. The turn was a blank in the {4-Clubs} and Phan was left needing one of the three remaining aces in the deck to survive.

The river delivered the {A-Diamonds} as Phan's entourage roared in delight as an ace from space arrived to give Phan a double-up in spectacular fashion!

Phan is now up to about 2.7 million, regaining the lead over Neckar who is now at 1.6 million.

Phan Doubles to Stay Alive!

The first three pots since the break have seen the player moving in from the button and taking down the big blind uncontested.

However on the fourth hand we finally had a showdown, as Johnny Necker moved all in from the button and John Phan made the call.

Neckar was on the steal with {8-Hearts}{5-Hearts} as Phan had the best hand with his {A-Hearts}{2-Spades}.

The board ran out {A-Diamonds}{J-Hearts}{3-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{J-Spades} and Phan finds a double to get back into this contest! Pham is up to about 1.3 million to Neckar's 3 million.


The players are now taking a ten-minute break.

Phan in Trouble

In a limped pot both players saw a flop of {10-Hearts}{J-Hearts}{2-Spades}. Johnny Neckar led out with a bet of 70,000 and John Phan flat called.

The turn brought a repeat {J-Spades} and Neckar led out with a bet of 125,000. Phan then announced a raise of an additional 140,000. Neckar thought for a moment before announcing he was all in sending Phan into the tank.

Phan pondered and looked uncomfortable in his chair for several minutes before tossing his cards into the muck.

Phan drops to just over 600,000 with Neckar now sitting behind a stack worth 3.7 million.

John Phan Takes Another Hit

Preflop, Neckar raised to 150,000 and Phan made the call. On a flop of {5-Clubs} {7-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds} , Phan checked and Neckar bet out 250,000. Phan made the call. The turn of the {5-Spades} was checked around. On the river card of the {5-Hearts} , Phan bet out 350,000. After thinking for less than a minute, Neckar made the call. Neckar showed {8-Clubs} {9-Hearts} for a full house and Phan flashed an {A-?}.

After the hand, Phan is down to 720,000 in chips.

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