Live Events 5
Event 19 - $2,500 Six-handed No Limit Hold'em
Event 19 - $2,500 Six-handed No Limit Hold'em
Day 1 Completed

You Can Solve all Problems by Hitting Them with a Hammer

That's a wrap then for tonight, apologies for the awful technical trouble we've had towards the end of the day. The people responsible will be summarily rounded up and shot.
We'll be restarting tomorrow from 2pm and hopefully we'll have fixed all the tubes so that enough of the internets (sic) will be working for us. See you then!

The Double with Deeb-les

Shaun Deeb was the big stack for most of the day but managed to lost a large slice of his stack before the end. However, he fired 7,400 on the turn of a {8-Clubs} {J-Diamonds} {3-Hearts} {8-Hearts} board before moving all in for 31,000 on the {5-Hearts} river, getting called both times. Deeb flipped {K-Clubs} {8-Diamonds} and his opponent mucked, propelling the internet pro back up to the 100,000 mark.

Taking the Flack

With 8,100 in the pot on the flop Layne Flack called a 8,500 bet on the flop of a {A-Diamonds} {2-Spades} {Q-Spades} board.
The turn was the {4-Hearts} and Flack saw 18,000 more bet into him. He countered this by moving all-in only to find his {A-?} {J-?} had run into {A-Clubs} {Q-Hearts} and was drawing dead for the {7-Clubs} river. Flack losing most of his stack right at the death.

No Fro For E-Fro

Eric Froehlich is out. First, he lost a big pot when he got into a raising war with Queens against Aces and the 100,000 chip pot went the other way. He had about 9,000 left, and pushed preflop with {A-?} {K-?} but lost out to {J-?} {10-?} after the board came {A-?} {K-?} X X {Q-?}

Looking Trond-y

an {A-Spades} {2-Diamonds} {5-Clubs} flop is checked to Trond Eidsvig on the button and he bets a casual 1,500.

The big blind checks his cards before folding and the cut-off declares, "If you don't have a monster, I'll eat these cards."

The cut-off flicks his cards into the muck and Trond carefully places them back in front of him, turns over {8-Clubs} {4-Clubs} and says, "Go on then."

Technical difficulties

We apologize for our lack of updates at the moment. We are dealing with internet issues in the Amazon Room related specifically to our site. We hope to be back up as soon as possible. Please bear with us.

Some Countings For You

Laurence Houghton -- 100,000
Dan 'Wretchy' Martin -- 75,000
Tony Cousineau -- 25,000
Erick Lindgren -- 102,000
Brock Parker -- 56,000
Bill Edler -- 50,000
Eric Froehlich -- 61,000
Humberto Brenes -- 48,000
Jordan Morgan -- Out
Dan 'Wretchy' Martin -- 75,000
Shaun Deeb -- 130,000
Marco Traniello -- 17,000
Crows -- Mr Jones

Georgia Rule

(But not in the crappy movie sense)

Brett Switzer looks to be the current chip leader with 176,000. He came across from Athens, Georgia with his friends Clayton Newman and Taylor Douglas who are sitting on 27,000 and 33,000 respectively.