Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Barnhart with Huge Fold


Sam Barnhart might have just saved his tournament life by making an amazing fold preflop for a good portion of his chips. He was up against Denilson Menezes and here's what went down.

From under the gun, a player raised to 4,500 to start things off. Action then folded to Menezes in the hijack seat and he reraised to 11,000. Barnhart, who was in the small blind, four-bet and made it 30,000 to go. The original under-the-gun raiser folded his hand and then action fell back on Menezes. With a total stack size of 169,800, Menezes pushed it all in with a five-bet shove. Barnhart began to tank. He tanked for quote some time while the ESPN cameras filmed what was going on after rushing to the scene. Eventually, Barnhart folded his hand and showed that he was laying down the {K-Spades}{K-Clubs} to the amazement of everyone watching. Menezes didn't show at first, but everyone talked him into it, saying it was "good for the game." Menezes obliged and showed the {A-Hearts}{A-Spades}, which made Barnhart's fold look like sheer genius. Barnhart was left with 230,000 in chips.

This big fold isn't the first time we've heard Barnhart's name. He was the winner of the $1,000,000 WSOP Circuit National Championship event held back in May. Barnhart conquered a field of 100 that qualified for the event and took home $300,000. You can read about his victory here in the recap.

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