Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

So Much For Iadisernia Hanging Onto Those Chips


After having recently knocked out two opponents in one hand with pocket aces, [Removed:150] was at it again in another big pot. It looked as though Iadisernia called a raise to 92,000 from Hoi Lee on the {J-Hearts}{6-Hearts}{6-Spades} flop and then moved all in when the {7-Diamonds} hit the turn. Lee immediately called and Iadisernia voiced his displeasure as he knew he was in trouble.

Lee: {7-Hearts}{7-Clubs}
Iadisernia: {K-Hearts}{J-Diamonds}

Although Lee was behind on the flop, he turned a full house to have Iadisernia in bad shape where only a jack on the river could save him. Unlike during his last big hand, Iadisernia’s rail was silent this time as the {9-Diamonds} hit the river. After it was counted out, Iadisernia paid Lee the 435,000 in chips that he owed him and took a huge hit down to 170,000. Shortly afterwards, his seat was empty and we believe that he busted.

Player Chips Progress
Hoi Lee
Hoi Lee

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