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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Buckner Reraises, 'Cuz He Can

Shamus • Level 4: 150-300, 25 ante

Steve "Cuz" Buckner is here today, chomping on his characteristic unlit cigar. Some may remember him from last year's WSOP when he was a Day 1 chip leader and received some coverage on ESPN. As was the case last year, we're hearing lots of table talk from Buckner as he engages his tablemates during and between hands.

Just now came one in which the player in the cutoff opened for 850 and it folded to Buckner in the small blind. "How much you playin'?" he asked his opponent, momentarily removing the cigar from his mouth and leaning forward. Getting the answer (about 20k), he reraised to 2,400. It folded back to his opponent who thought about it, then let his hand go.

Afterward, Buckner leaned behind the player in between the two and whispered to his opponent what he had. "Ace-queen?" said his opponent. "You didn't have a better hand than that?" asked Buckner. "Nah," came the reply, "but that's the second time you've done that to me."

"I'm just tellin' ya the truth," said Buckner, returning his cigar into the corner of his mouth as he received his next hand.

Buckner has some work to do to replicate his Day 1 of a year ago. He's sitting on about 36,000 right now.

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